feeling just a bit awkward

Another Awkward Moment…

After Kim and I bought a chimenea today, (does anyone know how to spell that?) we needed to find a stand that was just the right size. I looked a little funny using my belt to measure the base of the chimenea and the stand, but it worked. We found one that fit perfectly!

The only problem was that I only had a 500 peso bill and the stand cost 70. “Would this rather robust woman have change for a 500?” I thought to myself. And I don't mind saying, I was a bit shocked to hear her say yes. (Well, she said, “si” but you get the point.) What was odd was that she had to dig into her bra to pull the change out. Of course I've seen this in the movies, but I don't think I've ever had someone, right before my eyes, make change for me out of their underwear. Then, as she's digging around in there, I realize that I'm still putting my belt back on. How could this possible look to those just passing by?

Needless to say, I felt just a bit awkward.


Dusty said...

That is the funniest thing I've heard in a long time. Everyone in my office is wondering why I'm laughing out loud.

Tim, if it's up to me - your tombstone will read, "That was a bit awkward."

Chapel said...


Come on. You have to have an article a week, preferably a POO POO story. Get to writing. Counting the days until Mexico 2005!

Chapel said...


Come on. We have to have one "AWKARD" story from you each week. Can't wait for Mexico 2005. Counting down the days.


Chris J said...

LOL funny. I had to run and tell Jess the whole story. Sounds like another chapter of the "Rush Chronicles of the Strange and Awkward" has been written.

norsemanrm said...

I was on Eric Blog and saw your comments and went to your Blog as a result.
Read this "awkward moment"
Could not stop laughing...you are a TRUE RUSH inside and out.
Ron Magnusson