Has anyone seen Apocalypto yet? A friend loaned it to Kim and I to watch on DVD. I put it in one night at about 9:30 thinking I'd watch about a half hour... hour tops. At about 12:30 we were both wide awake in bed wondering if we'd ever get to sleep.

I can't really say if I liked it or not. It was very interesting and kept you on the edge of your seat, or bed as the case may be.

It should be mentioned that it is all in subtitles. (Someone needs to tell Mel it's ok if he uses some English again.) And our subtitles were all in Spanish. Even if we missed a word here or there, the movie isn't about the dialogue.

I know it isn't based on Aztec civilization, but it reminded me a lot of books I've read on that time period. Still, I wouldn't call this a period piece.

I'm curious to hear your opinion. Also, any movies you'd suggest? When Angela Myers was here, she always knew what movies to rent. She never let us down. But now that she's gone, we have no idea what's good anymore.


Must Read

My friends Jason and Maggie Harris have a two year old. You gotta read their most recent post. http://www.team-harris-happenings.blogspot.com/

We're talking about quality entertainment here!


Swimsuit Calendar

I thought I might let you preview a couple pics from the coming Rush Family Swimsuit Calendar. (Now wouldn't that be a great idea for a fund raiser!)

These babes were caught frolicking on the beach a year and a half ago.

Quote of the day by Mark Driscoll as quoted by Frost and Hirsch in The Shaping of Things to Come:
"I want to prepare like an evangelical; preach like a Pentecostal; pray like a mystic; do the spiritual disciplines like a Desert Father; art like a Catholic; and social justice like a liberal."

I love that quote. Though, it is harder to reflect on when it sets next to Clark in a speedo.


Today I called my friends Cory and Toni after dropping Quincy off at school and they were just getting their kids into the car. This was odd as their boy, Josiah, usually starts his school day before Q. Toni explained that the school was starting late because of the cold weather. And by cold weather they mean 62 degrees. Ha! I'm sure Cory and Toni find this especially amusing as they just returned from West Texas where they were iced in a few days longer than they expected.

So did you get to see the game last night? I got to see a bit of the Bears and Saints... just as the Bears started pulling away. But I missed the Colts/Pats. Was it as good as I think it was?


My favorite quote of the week comes from Karsyn. "Zeka, no yicka my bobum!" She has begun undressing and taking off her diaper before anyone is ready to re-dress. Thus she spends a lot of naked time which our dog finds intriguing.


After my last post on dreaming and wondering about the great things God can do, I sat down to read Proverbs. And this is what jumped out at me...

"It is not good to have zeal without knowledge, nor to be hasty and miss the way." Proverbs 19:2

It seems like God operates with such balance. "Dream", he says, "and know that I'll out-do it." But bookends it with, "Don't be hasty, do seek advice."

Just when I think I have him figured out...


Beyond Our Imagination

A week or so ago I wrote my dad to share with him a dream that I have for future ministry; a dream that is rather “out there”. I was curious to read what he would write back.

He wrote, “God has called us to believe He can work beyond our imagination… Eph 3:20. So if you have imagined this, God has already said He can match it and then out-do it.”

That same day, Trey Morgan made a comment on my blog that referenced Luke 18:17. I could not, for the life of me, remember what that passage was about. When I sat down later to find out, God overwhelmed me. “I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”

I love it! I love how little children receive any gift. Their hope for what is inside is not at all limited by the size of the box. The box could be shaped like a toy car. But if it is a BB gun they want, that is what they believe to be inside. (I wouldn’t suggest giving a BB gun to a small child, but you get the idea.) Kid’s imaginations are limitless! And when God is the giver of the gift, no kid will be disappointed after the wrapping paper has been pealed away.

And notice that Jesus doesn’t say “receive eternal life” but rather “the Kingdom of God”. In the past, I’ve been far too narrow in my understanding of God’s gift.

So friends, we’ve been given THE KINGDOM OF GOD, what do you say we do with it? Where does your imagination lead you?


Football Picks

During the final week of the baseball season, when the Cardinals were in the midst of their 3rd 7 game losing streak, I told everyone who'd listen that they would win the World Series. (Sure, I'd said that for 18 years straight, but it finally paid off.)

I figured the Cards were the best team in the NL the last 2 seasons but hadn't won it all yet. My point being: once you get to the play offs, the regular season doesn't matter.

I think that's how the Colts are this year. In fact, I think their slide at the end of the season will finally give them the push they need to get over the top. So I'm saying the Colts win it all. (But if they don't make it past the Patriots this weekend, will that make Brady the greatest quarterback ever?)

My mind says Bears, but my heart says Saints... too good of a story.

So I say Colts over Saints in the Super Bowl.

What are your picks?

Let's have a little contest. And as usual, Angie Burns will send the winner a little prize package. (Angie, you are too sweet to keep offering stuff like this.)


Christmas with the Cousins!

Karsyn the Fairy
Caleb and Mason are ready to open some presents!

Hayden's ready to go to work on the docks.

Papa Terry and Campbell Bell.

Clark and Quincy get ready for family picture day.

Check out Hayden's new car! This is one of the rare moments HC wasn't wearing his matching OU football helmet.

Does anyone remember Dot from the Animaniacs? "Hi, I'm cute!"

Mason, Clark and Quincy take a breather.

Emma helps Karsyn build a tent

Papa Terry gives all the grandkids a ride on the tractor through the farm, er, streets.


Our Sunday

This Past Sunday, the 7th, Omar planned to be baptized. So we, the forming church in Jocotan, gathered with the church in Mariano Otero and drove out of the city to a place that was supposed to offer natural warm water springs. (Or that’s what I thought.) Actually it was a picnic area with a few swimming pools and though the water wasn’t freezing, I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was warm.

Naturally, we were all very excited. Not only was this a huge step in Omar’s walk with God but it was also a great step for the church in Jocotan; a beginning of sorts.

And to make a fun day even funner (can I make that word up?), after baptizing Omar, we look over to see Gerardo, a young man of about 18, had slipped down into the pool and was waiting his turn. We knew he had been thinking about taking this step, but weren’t expecting it for quite some time. However, seeing Omar baptized by family, Gerardo was given the courage to do the same.

AND! After Gerardo was baptized by his father, who was baptized last April, we look up to see Adriana making her way through the crowd to join us in the pool. She was then baptized by her husband who himself was baptized in November.

How fun is that!


Favorite Names

What is your favorite name for God? I've never really pondered this question though I think I've always liked God Will Provide or God Is With Us.

For the last couple of years though, I've been a big fan of Happy Father. Quincy mis-heard a friend's prayer and thought they were addressing God as Happy Father, instead of Holy Father. ...and it stuck. I love that in Q's pure little mind it makes total sense to address the all-powerful creator of the world as Happy Father. Now, the twins are beginning their prayers in the same way.

I've never really considered how I address God before, but I'm going to change that in my personal time with God. I'm going to use Bible names and I'm going to use personal relationship names.

God is my Redeemer. My God Loves me. Happy Father. My Father is Happy with me.

What about you? What is your favorite name for God?