That’s What She Said

The other night, at the dinner table, I heard Kim say the following: “Clark, stop putting that fork between your toes and put it back on your plate.”

In her defense, she’s now claiming she said that last part with a smile on her face. I’ll let any of you mothers of small children make the call on that one.

Do you think Karsyn's misery is the source of Clark and Quincy's happiness?


An Odd Fear of Gravy

The memory is really quite vivid. We’d be sitting there in church in Quincy, Illinois trying to be still. Songs were being sung, trays passed, prayers prayed. Then it would happen. We’d begin this slow and low song, almost like a funeral dirge... and I’d start to cringe. Though the verses passed at a snails pace, I knew the chorus would hit us with a rush… a very scary rush. Before we’d even hit the chorus, I’d see it: a huge, almost pond-size, bowl of gravy with a lone hand reaching up as if grasping for a life preserver. Then it would start. “Up from the gravy he arose, he arose…” Scared me to death! And I don’t mind saying, it made me quite leery of those mashed potatoes and gravy we’d be having soon after.

My friend James Glasscock was always afraid of some mysterious stranger named Andy and questioned why he would want to walk with him and talk with him. Once again, it was due to these crazy church songs. “Andy walks with me, Andy talks with me, Andy tells me I am his own.” That’s enough to frighten any small kid away from church.
On another note, my mom begins a new journey today. My folks now have internet in their home! So welcome to the web family mom.

That means you guys need to watch your language from here on out.


Baby Ana

This last weekend I overheard a part of a conversation going on in our backseat between Quincy and his friend Allison. They must have been discussing cousins because I hear Q say, “My cousin Ana died when she was a baby. But don’t worry cause she’s with God now. Well, I don’t know if she’s still a baby or not.”

It was two years ago today that Baby Ana passed away, breaking all of our hearts. Two years ago today she stepped into a realm that we don’t understand but can only imagine. We won’t know if she’s a baby or full grown until we, one day, are blessed to step through to that same realm. (I’m guessing full grown, however that plays out with a redeemed body. I’m betting she looks just like her mom.)

Until then, our prayers are with Wendy, Chris, Hayden and Ana’s twin sister, Campbell-bell. May God bless you today with much peace. We love you.