Dallas Anyone?

I just happen to be going to Dallas this weekend to speak at one of our supporting congregations. Anybody going to be in town? I'll be at Saturn Road Church of Christ in Garland.

If you don't speak Spanish, I suggest you come here me in the a.m. speak to the Spanish congregation. If you don't speak it, you'll be shocked at how well I do. If you do speak Spanish, I suggest you come here me in the p.m. when I speak to the English congregation. Cause if you do speak Spanish, my version of Spanish might be a bit offensive to your ears.

It will be a quick trip and Kim and Kids won't be with me. I'll probably be booked up for my only whole day there, but wouldn't mind getting to say howdy to anyone that pops by!


Some pictures

Here's a few pictures from our trip in August. There were a couple of nights on the cruise when we had to dress up. Thankfully, we had a few tuxes from Aunt Kara's wedding.
Karsyn with her cousin Kaya. Aren't they too cute.

The name's Rush, Clark Rush

The Q looks good!

Here's the family in Sitka, Alaska. You can just barely see the ship in the background.

The cousins looking good for supper. (Ethan, Quincy, Canaan and Clark)


Listening to God

Something caught my attention this morning while reading I Samuel 3. God keeps calling out to Samuel, but Samuel mistakenly thinks he’s hearing from Eli.

This leaves me with two questions: When God calls out to me, do I know it’s him or am I turning to others with questions I should be taking to him? And, how hard am I making it for others to listen to God? I’m afraid that if someone were to ask me to help them distinguish God’s will in their lives, I’d too eagerly draw on my own experiences. Thus, there’s a good chance I’d think they should go to AIM or be a missionary or become involved in house churches.

I want to be like Eli and direct them back to God.

It’s interesting now, looking back at I Samuel 3:1, to see how the story begins. “In those days the word of the Lord was rare.”


just a few thoughts

I'm probably the only one who still checks this blog to see if I've written anything. But thought I'd share just a couple of thoughts.

First, the cruise was great! I'd rather do that than Disneyland. The view from the elevator on the ship every morning was as good as I've ever seen. And the food was beyond belief. Besides all of that, Kim's family is too cool. I'm so lucky to have married into such fun.

Also, if you haven't read Dusty's blog this morning you really need to check it out. http://rustydush.wordpress.com/2007/09/10/preparing/#comments

And while we're at it, if you haven't found Rex Boyles http://www.rexboyles.com/blog/ and Craig Hicks http://craigallenhicks.wordpress.com/ on the web yet, you are missing out.