Random Blog

I haven’t blogged in awhile, so thought I’d do a random post.

First, Kim and kids got back last Thursday. OOOH, how good it is to have them home. I went through culture shock the first few days… these kids are LOUD! … but totally worth it to have them home again. I’m reminded that I’m more than blessed by such a wonderful wife and three great kids.

I’m reading Blue Like Jazz. I’m probably the last minister to read it. And I am enjoying it, even though it has a quirky style. Does anyone else think it’s odd that the cover is purple instead of blue? (I’m also reading Sacred Rhythms which is an absolute favorite of Kim’s.)

Did you know that Lorena Ochoa is from Guadalajara? (Do you know who Lorena Ochoa is?)

I saw Batman last week before the family got back. I loved the first hour and a half. Sadly, its two and a half hours long.

Anyone watching Pushing Daisies? Kim and I love that show.

Last thing… when I was at the Cardinal game a few months back with dad and Dusty, we noticed something funny about the music they played before each batter stepped to the plate. The batters (for the home team) get to pick whatever song they want to be played, I’m assuming for motivational purposes, as they approach the batter’s box. One guy, Barton, who looks like Crab Man, had a love song played which sounded like Barry White. It was really an odd choice.

But it got Dusty and I to thinking… what if preachers did the same? So what music would your preacher approach the pulpit to? And why haven’t we started doing this?


Road Trip Anyone?

Kim's brother Chris is moving from San Diego, California to Syracuse, New York. He planned with his little sister, Kara, to make a cross country road trip so he could have his car with him. Big sister Kelcy heard them making plans and thought maybe she'd like to go. Thus, they thought it wouldn't be right not to include middle sister Kimmy.

So they left from Ridgecrest, Ca yesterday morning. At the moment, they are somewhere West of Denver. If you'd like to follow along on their little journey, check out Kara's blog. Sounds like WAY too much fun!


I think Grandma Kay ought to be blogging her experience as well. She's watching all SEVEN grandkids for the week!


Happy 31!

Tuesday, July 15th marks my dad’s 31st anniversary with Memorial Drive in Tulsa.

I think that says a lot about my dad, as well as the Memorial Drive Church of Christ. Congratulations to you both.

On dad’s blog he’s listed 31 things he’s learned in those 31 years. I thought I’d list two things I’ve learned from his 31 years.

1. Walk by faith.
2. Walking by faith is a whole lot of fun!