on hold

Well, the surgery isn’t cancelled but it has been delayed. When I said I wasn’t sick; that was wishful thinking. I felt at the time that I might be coming down with the colds the kids are sharing. It’s now official: I'm sick. But, we’ve rescheduled for Tuesday which gives us a little more time to get prepared.


They’re Coming Out!

For years, everyone, but my doctor has agreed, they’ve got to come out. They are huge and do not belong there. (I’m talking about my tonsils here.) Each doctor says, “Oh, let’s try this or that thing and watch them for a while first.” Of course, that’s what the doctor in Lubbock said before I moved to Amherst. The doctor in Amherst said it before moving to Guadalajara and the doctor here said the same thing before I changed doctors. Of course the new doctor said the same thing. But all that has changed now! (Even when I was a little guy, I remember my dentist asking my dad and my dad asking our family doctor, “Are you sure those things shouldn’t be pulled out?)

The weird thing is they’re coming out at a time that I don’t FEEL sick. I am sick… or my tonsils are anyway. I’d love to go into detail, but it would only be fun to do so if we were sitting across the table from each other and I could see the look on your face.

Anywho, Friday’s the big day! You might want to keep my wife and kids in your prayers as the recovery time for an adult is quite a bit longer than the recovery time for a child. I’m not certain which way it goes for an immature adult, but we’ll find out.


Happy Fathers' Day to all you proud papas. Especially mine! And it just so happens that my dad is turning 60 today, the 18th of June. Can you believe it? 60! Click onto his link to the right and join his eBirthday party.

This is the fam at our Fathers' Day Baseball extravaganza. Kim and a few others rented the baseball rapido field and we had a HUGE day. All the kids got to bat each inning and run the bases. It was way fun.

Looks like Kim needs a Cardinal jersey for Mothers' Day next year. ...just what she's always wanted.


Quote of the Day

From Philip Yancey's book on prayer, "We who barely comprehend ourselves are approaching a God we cannot possibly comprehend (p. 48)."

Or, myself to Karsyn just a few minutes ago. "No, no punkin, we don't eat anything that falls into the potty."


Cline Paden

I just read a friend’s blog on the funeral of Cline Paden. For some time now I’ve wanted to visit with someone who attended the funeral to find out if it did him justice. Of course, how could a couple of hours of anything do justice to a man like Cline. However, my friend and teacher, walked away renewed and inspired. Sounds like he spent time with Cline.

This got me thinking about a speech I had to give at Texas Tech almost 10 years ago. The assignment was to interview someone and then give a speech on the topic of the interview. I chose Cline, though I really didn’t know what the topic would be. It didn’t matter, Cline did.

I just sat in awe as he told me his story; about his desire to do mission work. He told me about his sadness when he realized God didn’t share that vision for his life. Instead, he learned, God wanted him to help train other missionaries.

The interview probably lasted an hour and a half. In the end, I might have asked two questions. But we had a theme: The Power of One. I told my class at Tech about the power of one person stepping out in faith, doing what they believe is right. When I took my seat after my 10 minute speech, I overheard two of the cool kids in class saying to each other, “Man, I really need to do something with my life.” Ha. Cline wasn’t even in the room, and he was inspiring college kids to reach for something higher than themselves.


American Idol

Have you heard the news that Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson are going to be fired from American Idol? I have no idea if it is true or not, but that's the headline on my AOL news. The shocker is that Brittney Spears might be in line to replace Paula. Eeck.

Who would you suggest? I see the creepy guy who played Greg Brady being a good choice.