What you might have missed.

Does anyone know what Adolph Hitler, Colin Powell, Jessica Lange, Luthor Vandross, Don Mattingly, Carmen Electra and Joey Lawrence all have in common? If you said they were all born on April 20th, you win the prize. (Angie, tell them what they’ve won!) Whoa! (Said with my best Joey from Blossom voice.)

It seems that April is a busy month for birthdays. Also celebrating were Jed Clampet, Axel Foley, the 6 Million Dollar Man (Or was it just one million?) and Superman’s dad (Marlon Brando). You have to wonder what the party would be like if Chuck Connors, Jackie Chann and Steven Seagal celebrated together. I’m pretty sure I’d rather go to the party for Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O’Brian and Jerry Seinfeld.

Lew Alcinder could come too. (Real name anyone?) Peter Rose probably wouldn’t get voted in and no one would know where to send Saddam Hussein’s invitation. Perhaps we could get Barbara Streisand to perform, though I hear she’s shy.

Even Shirley MacLaine celebrates one of her birthdays in April!

And after all that partying, surely someone would end up in the Betty Ford (also April) Center.

Also celebrating would be Kris Smith and Greg True; both April 1st babies. (You have to watch out for anyone born on the first.

Jeff Gearhart’s birthday was in April. Jeff, can you believe Herbie, not John, Hanckock’s birthday is on the 12th!

Paul Miller celebrates in April and boy is he getting old!

Anna and Campbell (a.k.a. Campbell-bell) Chapel were born in April.

And on April 15th, when everyone else is celebrating the paying of taxes, we in the Rush house party in honor of Kim who just turned 30! (She’ll always be 29 to me.)

Imagine all the stories Tom Clancy (also an April baby) could tell.


Sensational Journalism

Is it just me or are others bugged with the sensational journalism that seems to enjoy whichever current tragedy or massacre?

I heard CNN teasing a later story this morning by saying, and this is not a lie, “Would the Virginia Tech tragedy have been avoided if students were allowed to carry fire arms?” And then something along the lines of following up this “debate” from the state where it is allowed.

People! Is this really a “debate”? And, please don’t let that state be Oklahoma.


While I was away...

While I was in Tulsa, Kim’s sister and her two daughters came to Guadalajara. Kelcey brought Kira and Kia to Mexico so that Kim wouldn’t be alone. I came home to find Kira turning my little Karsy into a cover girl.
Kira told Karsyn how to pose, and Karsyn did it.

I’m thinking Kira has a future in photography...

...these photos were taken by her.

...and Karsyn might be a future model.


So it's been a while.

I got back from Tulsa on Tuesday. What a fun trip! The singing at Memorial on Wednesday was the best I’ve heard in recent memory. …just to be topped by the singing at AIM-a-palooza on Friday night.

The classes were great. So fun to hear what God is doing in his church all around the globe. And the fellowship was a once-in-a-lifetime treat. So many friends, so little time.

And then there’s family! Even my grandma was there. I hadn’t seen her in 3 years.

I even got to golf. I’m horrible and only golf for social reasons. But it was great spending 3 hours chasing my stray tee shots with Dad, Dusty and Shawn Mays. (Shawn and Arleen are recent additions to the family. Well, Arlene was voted in, but Shawn is in somewhat of a probation period as he’s a Cub fan and can’t kick the habit.)

Which brings us to tonight. The first pitch is less than an hour away! Is anyone else suiting up?