Can You Help?

Well, I don’t usually steal so blatantly from someone else’s blog… but I read this on my dad’s today and wanted to share the opportunity with those of you that don’t also read his blog (that’s you mom).

So the following is a letter written by a missionary named Roger Dickson. (I actually met him in Swaziland, Africa in 94.) He’s a humble man and a great missionary.

It’s pretty hard to read all the way through, but I dare you to. And then ask yourself what you can do to help.

P.O. Box 1919
Bellville 7535,
South Africa
Dr. Roger E. Dickson


I AM A FRUSTRATED MISSIONARY! Maybe my wife, Martha, and I are in a unique ministry. Africa International Missions is a continental effort to help anybody, anywhere in Africa. So the pleas come in from everywhere. And what do I do with the pleas for Bibles for which you have NO MONEY JUST TO PAY THE POSTAGE BILL TO SEND THEM OUT?


You think I'm kidding. Not on you life. We receive so many pleas for the word of God that there is no possible way to answer them. And so, we just throw the letters in the trash. Here are some pleas that went to the trash:

"Sir, we have Bible group discussions every Sunday before church starts to study the word of God. But sir, we do not have Bibles to use for the group discussions, which has been one of our major problems to study the Bible. Christians cannot learn the word of God without the Holy Book. Therefore, as the deacon and the leader of the group, I am standing on behalf of my group to beg you to send us some Holy Bibles to make available to our group." Hanson Ofoe Agu, New Town, Ghana

We threw this plea in the trash.

"We walk in the villages and preach the word of God. Many people come asking questions and then repent of their sins. But the problem which we face is that we need Bibles. Please send us Bibles for us to preach the word of God well." Patrick Mubisa, Chitipa, Malawi

Straight to the trash!

"I came from a Muslim family by the grace of the Almighty God. I gave my life to Christ. Since then I have a big problem with my family who sent me out of school and out of the community. The last message I heard from my friends before I ran to Gambia was that my family wanted to kill me because I changed to being a Christian. The purpose for my writing to you is to plead for Christ sake ... send me a Bible and Christian literature for me and my wife." W. M. Majaro, The Gambia

Yes, this one went to the trash!

"The village where we are has been greatly struck with diseases, which has resulted in many deaths, leaving many children homeless and many orphans. We are writing to request your help or assistance for materials. Right now, we are greatly requesting for 70 Holy Bibles. Our members cannot afford to buy Bibles and many have not opened a Bible since they were born. Beloved brother and sister, we are greatly praying and fasting for you to help us out with this great gift anyone could receive. We really have many numbers of false religions. We want to try our best to reach all of them with the truth of God's gospel." David Gbuyi, Gunedogun Village, Nigeria


"I am your brother and a believer also. I am nine years old this year. I worship at the above church mentioned inside this note. In God's name, I am begging you people with all my mind and the love of God, provide me with one Bible through your good office." Eze Nnadozie, Benin City, Nigeria


"Please, I am an evangelist here in Ghana who preaches in the market and at truck stations. I preach also by moving from door to door from different houses for the salvation of lost souls. Through the preaching, many people have been converted to God. The majority of the people don't have Bibles. They come to church empty handed. So when there is the need to open to the Bible to search for the word of God, there is no way for them. Please, I am pleading with your ministry to come to my aid by sending me 20 Bibles." Emmanuel Kwamina Ephraim, Ketan Sekondi, Ghana


"My name is Maureen Watch Eze. We fellowship in a Bible believing church. The church has about 100 members with a man of God who is also a devoted man of God. I am serving as a worker in my church, leading the Sarah Group Evangelical Team. The Sarah Group comprises of women above the age of 60 in our church. Our aim is to reach out to souls for Christ, especially those above 60. Most of them appreciate welcoming mothers of the same age, and thus we have won many souls by God's grace. My purpose for writing today is to make a request for Bibles. We are 23 in the Sarah Group and 15 of us do not have a Bible and cannot afford to buy one. I am appealing to you to kindly send us 15 Bibles." Maureen Watch Eze, Benin City, Nigeria

Had enough?

"Please, I am a man of 42 years of age and my wife and I have five children. But sir, we do not have a Bible to use for church service. We are not the only people who go to church without a Bible. Most of the members of the church do not have Bibles to use, and our preacher always tells us to bring our Bibles to church. But we do not bring them because we do not have them. The fact is that most of us just do not have Bibles. And as a true Christian you need to have a Bible to use for daily learning and studies since without the Bible you cannot learn the word of God. I am asking you to come to our aid by sending some Holy Bibles to make it possible for everyone to have access to them to use for their studies. God bless you for having it in your mind to grant us the word of God. I cannot wait to see the parcel of the Holy Bibles you send to us. God bless you for your kind heartedness towards human-beings." Maxwell Agbarkey, Ashaiman, Ghana

What kind of missionary would trash such requests from a continent pleading for Bibles? A missionary with funds to do so, that's who.


That's right, just go out to eat and spend $15.00 for the meal. You just "ate" THREE BIBLES that we could have been sent to requests as the above. So, before you blame the missionary who trashed the request, remember, "Thou art the man, also."

(Yes, this is one of those email messages that should be passed around like all that other stuff. If you can pass on some joke, then surely you can pass on something as this. If your heart aches for Africa like ours, then do something.)


Me in 8 Nutshells

Well I, Kim, was tagged twice on Tim’s blog and since I have never posted it would be pretty easy for me to post twice as much. I can be frightfully long winded, so there will be only a few, brave souls that make it all the way to the end of my post. I am cheating, I was not going to tag anyone since I almost never blog. But I am going to tag my neice, Kira and nephew, Ethan.

1-- I contribute my strong tomboy streak largely to my older sis, Kelcey. When we would play house as kids (since she is older) she always got to be the mom. I got so used to being the make-believe dad that once when I was about 3 or 4 I informed my fam that they could call me Jeffery. They said “no”.

2--Around 4th grade, my best friend Ariana and I used to play soccer at every recess with the boys. We were very conceited and highly talented athletes, always running just as hard and fast as we could. Probably after watching me run my heart out and strut over a great steal, one of Kelcey’s friends said to her “Your sister runs like a boy, does she walk like a girl?”

3--I am by nature a packrat. It pains me to throw cool or possibly useful stuff away. Also in 4th grade, (as tradition for all of us) my Grandma Chrystal took me to the capital building when I was going to start studying CA government. As we walked through the metal detectors, I set off all the bells and whistles. We stepped aside and she asked me if I had anything metal in my little purse or pockets. All of the security agents and Grandma were cracking up by the time I was done emptying all the treasures from my purse. It was a collection of flattened scraps of metal from parking lots. Fascinating stuff!

4--Living in Russia and Mexico has only added to my already thrify, almost miserly self. When my little sis, Kara, was here visiting I was talking about turning our leftover fajitas and chilaquiles into a great egg casserole the next day for breakfast. She said “Kim, if you were not a missionary, I think you would make a great . . . (now here is where I expected her to say gourmet chief or something related, but no) . . . cafeteria lunch lady!” Oh the shame! Sadly, it so fits. We never bought hot lunch on “Cook’s Choice” day because we knew that was cafeteria code for leftovers. (Well anyway, the breakfast was delicious.)

5--Not all tomboy, I am afraid of spiders and creepy-crawlies in general. I used to play outside a lot with my brother, Chris. Once we were both up in the apricot tree and when he turned around I was shocked to see that there was a lizard clinging to the back of his t-shirt. Instead of telling him and having to help get it off, I said “Let’s run to the house!” It was a good little distance, and thankfully the lizard bailed off before we got to the fence. (I am pretty sure I have never told him that story!)

6-- I love projects and like to throw a little creativity into everything I do. Tim has thought I was crazy more than once because of another bright idea. One of my all time favorites was knitting a hammock after moving back to CA from Russia. I really think projects are therapeutic for me, it was my form of combating reverse culture shock. I am thankful to have parents that let me make messes and allowed me to follow some whims. I want to be that kind of a mom.

7-- Here are a bunch in one, since my time in almost out. I am a relationship person; loyal to a fault; cower at conflict; love to make life more liveable; cry at the drop of a hat; love to sing out loud and be silly; love to read out loud to myself or anyone who will listen; love Tim and being married; love being a mom of three and that has also been the biggest challenge in life so far.

8—Here is the social worker in me coming out. My most recent fascination has been a program I heard about this week on the news called One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) and the idea is to provide kid friendly laptops to students in poverty stricken areas (especially in third-world countries.) The more I think about it, I love the idea. The goal of the company is to alleviate poverty by empowering students with access to knowledge, technology and global communication. But it really relies on the creativity of the members to improve their communities by what they are given. Neat, huh? Anyway, until Nov. 26 they are running a promotion for the program that if you give one laptop, you get one to keep or give to the child of your choice. I wonder what great good God could do through this. Here’s the link for anyone interested:

Thanks, Tim, for letting me hijack your blog and ever indulging my crazies.


Rush Family Update

If you'd be interested in reading our monthly newsletter, you can check it out at http://www.saturnroad.org/html/bm~doc/mexico-rpt_october-2007.pdf


I have been tagged by Maggie Harris. Truth be told, I was also tagged by Doug Townsdin right before I had my tonsils taken out but never played along. So here goes…Here are the rules. 1)Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves. (2) People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules. (3) At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names. (4) Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog

1. The most interesting One Thing to ever happen would be my 30 ft. fall from a cliff when I was an AIM student in Portugal. But since I’ve beaten that dead horse, I won’t retell it here.

2. I’m a direct descendant of Benjamin Rush. “Who is that?”, you ask. If you look on the Declaration of Independence and find Benjamin Franklin’s name, Rush’s is right above it. I could probably give you 8 facts about him easier than I can about myself. Interesting fellow! My youngest son’s name happens to be Clark Benjamin.

3. I’ve been in a couple of pretty interesting historical settings. I was in Russia in 96 when they almost returned to communism. (Dennis Wilson had me convinced it would happen and had me deciding what I’d do if they returned. It was quite the teaching moment!) And I was in South Africa weeks after Nelson Mandela was elected president in 94. As we were leaving the airport, upon arrival, the missionary that picked us up (Paul Miller and Monica Smith-now-Fox went as well) pointed out a pile of rubble where someone detonated a bomb the week before in protest to the elections.

4. This is kind of gross, but I like to snack on spinach by putting a huge chaw of it in my mouth and continuing on about my day. Kim’s not a fan of the habit, though she’s happy to see me eating my veggies.

5. I find it very interesting that my parents were converted by missionaries. The College Church of Christ in Abilene, Tx sent missionaries to Quincy Il, somewhere around 68. Really, who would target Quincy? I’m so glad they did! My oldest son’s name is Quincy.

6. James Kinnaird was my best friend in AIM (class of 90). 5 years later, he and his beautiful wife coordinated a young AIMer in Perm Russia by the name of Kimberly Blachly who would later marry me. (James’s oldest son’s name is Timothy. No, not really named after me, but I thought that piece of info would fit in nicely here.)

7. The only noticeable skill I’ve ever exhibited has been dissecting rats in biology lab at Texas Tech. Really, it was like a freaky thing. I believe each person has THEIR gift that they can do better than anyone else. I was saddened to find that was mine. I couldn’t really skin rats at parties to impress girls.

8. I used to swear I’d never be a preacher, never do mission work and NEVER go to Africa. After I had done all three I began swearing that I’d NEVER marry a super model. It worked!

I tag Kara Lane (Blachly) Olsen. http://ericandkara.blogspot.com/ By the way, my daughter’s name is Karsyn Lane. I think I’ll put their links up just in case you’d like to catch up with them. So I also tag Doug Oaks http://thedougout24.wordpress.com/, Pat Sheaffer http://sheaffersaimreport.blogspot.com/, Doogle http://allaboutcanaan.blogspot.com/, Theresa Wilson http://denniswilson.com/theresa/ , Beau Hart http://beauahart.blogspot.com/, Cheeky Susan http://cheekyness.blogspot.com/ and Clair (Maguire) Wilson http://www.gingerpixel.com/.

Happy Chocolate Day!

My sister-in-law, Kara (http://ericandkara.blogspot.com/), informed me that yesterday was National Chocolate Lovers' Day and I forgot to celebrate. I just thought the rest of you might want to know in case you missed it too.


Angie Burns

I want to direct your attention to another blog. Over at http://paigeforeman.com/blog/ Paige Foreman is honoring/roasting Angie Burns who just happens to be one of my favorite people. If you haven't already, please stop by and tell Angie why you love her. And then be sure and tell the juiciest story you know about her.
This is Angie's cheering section ready to hear her speak at the Tulsa Workshop last March.

This picture was in the same folder. I don't think Angie will mind if I add a photo of the kids.


Baseball Picks Anyone?

What's wrong with me? 3 posts in 2 days?

But the games are about to start. Oops, I just checked and the Rhillies and Rockies are in the 2nd inning. Oh well.

Phillies vs. Rockies
Cubs vs. D-Backs
Red Sox vs. Angels
Yankees vs. Indians

Who've you got?

I'm saying it will be Red Sox over Yankees and Phillies over Cubs, with the Red Sox winning it all.

Heroes? Goats? Bartmans?

Jesus came looking for me

Well, it was actually Jesús, Lupe’s brother. (Lupe is Omar’s wife… we probably need a score card, don’t we?) We’ve been praying about open doors into Lupe’s family and have only met them on a few occasions. Jesús has been by their house a couple of times. He’s rather soft spoken, but we’ve tried to be kind and let him know we’re interested in him. Though we’ve only spoken a few times, he came by Omar and Lupe’s house on Sunday looking for me. (I was in Dallas at the time.) Thus, I’m curious as to why he came by and am asking for you to be praying about Jesús. He could be coming by to ask for money or help with paper work. But we’re hoping it has something to do with Jesús looking for Jesus.

Would you mind praying that this has to do with Jesus and not something to do with me being a gringo? Thanks.


Ode to the Q

Feats of Strength.

I thought I'd post a few recent pictures of Quincy. He turned six in August and is in the first grade.
Best buds. This is Cooper Pruett the youngest son of Joe and Elaine. All three of their kids are giants.

Festavis for the rest of us! The Q and I about to have some birthday cake.

Why we love our tortillas!


Dallas Anyone?

I just happen to be going to Dallas this weekend to speak at one of our supporting congregations. Anybody going to be in town? I'll be at Saturn Road Church of Christ in Garland.

If you don't speak Spanish, I suggest you come here me in the a.m. speak to the Spanish congregation. If you don't speak it, you'll be shocked at how well I do. If you do speak Spanish, I suggest you come here me in the p.m. when I speak to the English congregation. Cause if you do speak Spanish, my version of Spanish might be a bit offensive to your ears.

It will be a quick trip and Kim and Kids won't be with me. I'll probably be booked up for my only whole day there, but wouldn't mind getting to say howdy to anyone that pops by!


Some pictures

Here's a few pictures from our trip in August. There were a couple of nights on the cruise when we had to dress up. Thankfully, we had a few tuxes from Aunt Kara's wedding.
Karsyn with her cousin Kaya. Aren't they too cute.

The name's Rush, Clark Rush

The Q looks good!

Here's the family in Sitka, Alaska. You can just barely see the ship in the background.

The cousins looking good for supper. (Ethan, Quincy, Canaan and Clark)


Listening to God

Something caught my attention this morning while reading I Samuel 3. God keeps calling out to Samuel, but Samuel mistakenly thinks he’s hearing from Eli.

This leaves me with two questions: When God calls out to me, do I know it’s him or am I turning to others with questions I should be taking to him? And, how hard am I making it for others to listen to God? I’m afraid that if someone were to ask me to help them distinguish God’s will in their lives, I’d too eagerly draw on my own experiences. Thus, there’s a good chance I’d think they should go to AIM or be a missionary or become involved in house churches.

I want to be like Eli and direct them back to God.

It’s interesting now, looking back at I Samuel 3:1, to see how the story begins. “In those days the word of the Lord was rare.”


just a few thoughts

I'm probably the only one who still checks this blog to see if I've written anything. But thought I'd share just a couple of thoughts.

First, the cruise was great! I'd rather do that than Disneyland. The view from the elevator on the ship every morning was as good as I've ever seen. And the food was beyond belief. Besides all of that, Kim's family is too cool. I'm so lucky to have married into such fun.

Also, if you haven't read Dusty's blog this morning you really need to check it out. http://rustydush.wordpress.com/2007/09/10/preparing/#comments

And while we're at it, if you haven't found Rex Boyles http://www.rexboyles.com/blog/ and Craig Hicks http://craigallenhicks.wordpress.com/ on the web yet, you are missing out.


Grandma's Fornia

In just a few minutes I'll be off to the airport to join my family in Californai. Or as Karsyn says, "Grandma's Fornia, where we'll see my birthday!"

Kim and kids have been there for almost two weeks now. I can't wait to see them tonight! We'll spend a couple of nights with Kim's grandpa and then a few more with her sister Kelcy and her husband Eli. On Thursday we're having a big birthday party for all three kids. (Clark and Karsyn's birthdays or on the 23rd and then Quincy's will be on the 25th.) On the 25th we'll be flying up to Seattle where we'll set sail to Alaska on the 26th.

Doesn't it sound odd to hear of a missionary family going on a cruise? I almost feel guilty about it, even though we aren't paying a dime.

I hope the rest of you have a fun time getting back to school.


Rush Family Update (with more pictures)

July 30 , 2007

The Church in Jocotan
Yesterday was a great day in Jocotan. They invited more of their family to come be with us and to share a big meal together. (Omar is pictured to the right with his mother, Lucia, and his sister, Flor) They even invited Tim’s friend Felipe, whom they’ve met once or twice, to join us.
Because of a huge rain storm, most of the family wasn’t able to arrive until after the study time. (None have cars so they had to wait for the rain to let up before they could take public transportation.) But after we ate together, Omar took the lead in sharing communion. It was very encouraging to see him take the initiative to draw the family together, even those that might mock him for it, and tell them why we were about to share the bread and juice. Felipe really enjoyed the experience and commented how he’d like to be a part of the church in the future. Please keep praying for Felipe. He continues to study with Tim and loves spending time with our family, but drags his feet when the conversation turns to discipleship and commitment to Jesus.
Summer Interns
This summer, our team welcomed two interns from ACU. Carissa and Marcela (with our teammate, Toni, and Kim) spent two months living with the sisters in Mariano Otero. They were full-time Spanish students while involving themselves with various ministry opportunities. They spent time with each of the missionary families and most of the churches at least once. They came with great attitudes and willingness to do anything they could think of or that we could ask of them. They were especially helpful to our family as we hosted a campaign group from Alaska. As Tim was on bed rest after his surgery just before the group arrived, the interns helped Kim with some of the leg work needed to organize a couple of the days’ events and joined us during all of their free time.
Campaign Group
A group from Juneau, Alaska came to work with us for a week in July. They were led by Bruce Baird who was Tim’s roommate when they were AIM students 15 years ago in Lisbon, Portugal. The group consisted of 3 adults, 4 high school students and one very cute baby.
As none spoke Spanish, it was a new experience for all of us. Our past groups have been mainly Spanish-speaking.

We put them to work painting a house for our sister Adriana, as well as painting and cleaning in parks, serving food to the poor and visiting a children’s home. They also brought clothes they had collected to give away.
Though they couldn’t speak with those they were sharing with, it was fun seeing how communication was taking place. We gave the majority of the clothing away while we were in Mariano Otero.

The church there is well known in the neighborhood and everyone also knows that the “gringos” who come through are friends with the Christians. So even though we didn’t pass out literature or invitations to a specific event, they knew he clothing was a gift from the church.
On Sunday they joined us in Jocotan where we had somewhat of a bilingual worship time. It went surprisingly well going back and forth from Spanish to English. Both Lilian and Omar were excited to share their stories with the youth. They said that the young people impressed them and taught them a lot about being faithful, since most have known God from their childhood. But, I think the youth were more impressed by hearing from Lilian and Omar about how their lives are being radically changed by God.

Connecting With Other Churches
Though the churches each meet in their own neighborhoods, all who lead in the different groups desire to foster a greater sense of community between the churches. Through monthly leaders meetings as well as all-Church assemblies, training times and other occasions, even the more recent members of our family are feeling united to the brothers and sisters from across Guadalajara and La Piedad (3 hours away). Being a part of a larger family helps when a particular church goes through a period of crisis, such as what the church in Jardines del Valle experienced when several had serious health problems at the same time.
As with any family, when one member is hurting or struggling, the whole family is affected. This last month our brother Martin Camarena, from La Piedad, began drinking and using drugs again. This breaks our hearts as he is such a wonderful man who God uses mightily to advance his kingdom. We hate to see Satan gain ground in Martin’s life. But we’ve also been given reason to praise God as His church has reached out to Martin and his wife Rosa. We were especially grateful that Omar also offered to call Martin and give support as a Christian brother who understands because of a similar past. We see this as a growth step, as he used his unique past struggles to minister within the body. Our teammate Nancy was saying that Rosa and her kids seem more peace-filled during this crisis than in times past and it appears to be largely due to feeling connected and supported by other Christians. Please keep the Camarena family in your prayers.
Quincy’s Graduation
On the 5th of July, Quincy graduated from Kindergarten. God provided for Quincy (and our family) a great beginning to his educational experience and we do not take this for granted. He really answered all of our prayers in this area. We are curious to see how things change and how God will work as Quincy moves to a new school in September.


Almost Like New

Well, I went to the doctor yesterday and I’m almost done with the whole healing process. He told me I could begin being more active, but couldn’t do anything strenuous or lift anything heavy. Nor could I bend over. (That one is still weird to me.)

That is good and bad news as we have a campaign group arriving today from Alaska. It is good that I can drive them places and hang out with them, but bad that I can’t really be involved in the work part of it. And though I can speak more, my throat still gets sore after talking. And the leader of the group is my old friend Bruce. (We were AIMers together in Portugal over 15 years ago.) I’m sure there will be many stories that will need to be relived. Thankfully, Kim is on top of things as she’s done most of the prep work while I’ve been laid up the past two weeks. (I nominate Kim for mom and wife and missionary of the year. She’s been incredible.)

I can’t remember if I mentioned this in the comment section of the last post, but the original surgery went well (2 weeks ago). But last Monday I started coughing up blood and they ended up having to go back in and redo some stitches as well as cauterize a vein. Fun stuff.

Funny Side Note:
When we went to the doctor’s office yesterday, we parked in the parking garage and took the elevator two flights up. (Mom, if you’re reading this… go ahead and turn away now.) When we got in the elevator and the doors closed Kim was feeling silly, and lunged at me as if we were going to make out in the elevator. However, there was someone trying to catch the elevator that we were unaware of and he hit the button to open the door and ride up with us. Kim was in mid-lunge as the doors suddenly opened. PRICELESS! Kim could not stop laughing and apologizing to the guy who couldn’t stop giggling to himself and looking away.


on hold

Well, the surgery isn’t cancelled but it has been delayed. When I said I wasn’t sick; that was wishful thinking. I felt at the time that I might be coming down with the colds the kids are sharing. It’s now official: I'm sick. But, we’ve rescheduled for Tuesday which gives us a little more time to get prepared.


They’re Coming Out!

For years, everyone, but my doctor has agreed, they’ve got to come out. They are huge and do not belong there. (I’m talking about my tonsils here.) Each doctor says, “Oh, let’s try this or that thing and watch them for a while first.” Of course, that’s what the doctor in Lubbock said before I moved to Amherst. The doctor in Amherst said it before moving to Guadalajara and the doctor here said the same thing before I changed doctors. Of course the new doctor said the same thing. But all that has changed now! (Even when I was a little guy, I remember my dentist asking my dad and my dad asking our family doctor, “Are you sure those things shouldn’t be pulled out?)

The weird thing is they’re coming out at a time that I don’t FEEL sick. I am sick… or my tonsils are anyway. I’d love to go into detail, but it would only be fun to do so if we were sitting across the table from each other and I could see the look on your face.

Anywho, Friday’s the big day! You might want to keep my wife and kids in your prayers as the recovery time for an adult is quite a bit longer than the recovery time for a child. I’m not certain which way it goes for an immature adult, but we’ll find out.


Happy Fathers' Day to all you proud papas. Especially mine! And it just so happens that my dad is turning 60 today, the 18th of June. Can you believe it? 60! Click onto his link to the right and join his eBirthday party.

This is the fam at our Fathers' Day Baseball extravaganza. Kim and a few others rented the baseball rapido field and we had a HUGE day. All the kids got to bat each inning and run the bases. It was way fun.

Looks like Kim needs a Cardinal jersey for Mothers' Day next year. ...just what she's always wanted.


Quote of the Day

From Philip Yancey's book on prayer, "We who barely comprehend ourselves are approaching a God we cannot possibly comprehend (p. 48)."

Or, myself to Karsyn just a few minutes ago. "No, no punkin, we don't eat anything that falls into the potty."


Cline Paden

I just read a friend’s blog on the funeral of Cline Paden. For some time now I’ve wanted to visit with someone who attended the funeral to find out if it did him justice. Of course, how could a couple of hours of anything do justice to a man like Cline. However, my friend and teacher, walked away renewed and inspired. Sounds like he spent time with Cline.

This got me thinking about a speech I had to give at Texas Tech almost 10 years ago. The assignment was to interview someone and then give a speech on the topic of the interview. I chose Cline, though I really didn’t know what the topic would be. It didn’t matter, Cline did.

I just sat in awe as he told me his story; about his desire to do mission work. He told me about his sadness when he realized God didn’t share that vision for his life. Instead, he learned, God wanted him to help train other missionaries.

The interview probably lasted an hour and a half. In the end, I might have asked two questions. But we had a theme: The Power of One. I told my class at Tech about the power of one person stepping out in faith, doing what they believe is right. When I took my seat after my 10 minute speech, I overheard two of the cool kids in class saying to each other, “Man, I really need to do something with my life.” Ha. Cline wasn’t even in the room, and he was inspiring college kids to reach for something higher than themselves.


American Idol

Have you heard the news that Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson are going to be fired from American Idol? I have no idea if it is true or not, but that's the headline on my AOL news. The shocker is that Brittney Spears might be in line to replace Paula. Eeck.

Who would you suggest? I see the creepy guy who played Greg Brady being a good choice.


That’s What She Said

The other night, at the dinner table, I heard Kim say the following: “Clark, stop putting that fork between your toes and put it back on your plate.”

In her defense, she’s now claiming she said that last part with a smile on her face. I’ll let any of you mothers of small children make the call on that one.

Do you think Karsyn's misery is the source of Clark and Quincy's happiness?


An Odd Fear of Gravy

The memory is really quite vivid. We’d be sitting there in church in Quincy, Illinois trying to be still. Songs were being sung, trays passed, prayers prayed. Then it would happen. We’d begin this slow and low song, almost like a funeral dirge... and I’d start to cringe. Though the verses passed at a snails pace, I knew the chorus would hit us with a rush… a very scary rush. Before we’d even hit the chorus, I’d see it: a huge, almost pond-size, bowl of gravy with a lone hand reaching up as if grasping for a life preserver. Then it would start. “Up from the gravy he arose, he arose…” Scared me to death! And I don’t mind saying, it made me quite leery of those mashed potatoes and gravy we’d be having soon after.

My friend James Glasscock was always afraid of some mysterious stranger named Andy and questioned why he would want to walk with him and talk with him. Once again, it was due to these crazy church songs. “Andy walks with me, Andy talks with me, Andy tells me I am his own.” That’s enough to frighten any small kid away from church.
On another note, my mom begins a new journey today. My folks now have internet in their home! So welcome to the web family mom.

That means you guys need to watch your language from here on out.


Baby Ana

This last weekend I overheard a part of a conversation going on in our backseat between Quincy and his friend Allison. They must have been discussing cousins because I hear Q say, “My cousin Ana died when she was a baby. But don’t worry cause she’s with God now. Well, I don’t know if she’s still a baby or not.”

It was two years ago today that Baby Ana passed away, breaking all of our hearts. Two years ago today she stepped into a realm that we don’t understand but can only imagine. We won’t know if she’s a baby or full grown until we, one day, are blessed to step through to that same realm. (I’m guessing full grown, however that plays out with a redeemed body. I’m betting she looks just like her mom.)

Until then, our prayers are with Wendy, Chris, Hayden and Ana’s twin sister, Campbell-bell. May God bless you today with much peace. We love you.


What you might have missed.

Does anyone know what Adolph Hitler, Colin Powell, Jessica Lange, Luthor Vandross, Don Mattingly, Carmen Electra and Joey Lawrence all have in common? If you said they were all born on April 20th, you win the prize. (Angie, tell them what they’ve won!) Whoa! (Said with my best Joey from Blossom voice.)

It seems that April is a busy month for birthdays. Also celebrating were Jed Clampet, Axel Foley, the 6 Million Dollar Man (Or was it just one million?) and Superman’s dad (Marlon Brando). You have to wonder what the party would be like if Chuck Connors, Jackie Chann and Steven Seagal celebrated together. I’m pretty sure I’d rather go to the party for Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O’Brian and Jerry Seinfeld.

Lew Alcinder could come too. (Real name anyone?) Peter Rose probably wouldn’t get voted in and no one would know where to send Saddam Hussein’s invitation. Perhaps we could get Barbara Streisand to perform, though I hear she’s shy.

Even Shirley MacLaine celebrates one of her birthdays in April!

And after all that partying, surely someone would end up in the Betty Ford (also April) Center.

Also celebrating would be Kris Smith and Greg True; both April 1st babies. (You have to watch out for anyone born on the first.

Jeff Gearhart’s birthday was in April. Jeff, can you believe Herbie, not John, Hanckock’s birthday is on the 12th!

Paul Miller celebrates in April and boy is he getting old!

Anna and Campbell (a.k.a. Campbell-bell) Chapel were born in April.

And on April 15th, when everyone else is celebrating the paying of taxes, we in the Rush house party in honor of Kim who just turned 30! (She’ll always be 29 to me.)

Imagine all the stories Tom Clancy (also an April baby) could tell.


Sensational Journalism

Is it just me or are others bugged with the sensational journalism that seems to enjoy whichever current tragedy or massacre?

I heard CNN teasing a later story this morning by saying, and this is not a lie, “Would the Virginia Tech tragedy have been avoided if students were allowed to carry fire arms?” And then something along the lines of following up this “debate” from the state where it is allowed.

People! Is this really a “debate”? And, please don’t let that state be Oklahoma.


While I was away...

While I was in Tulsa, Kim’s sister and her two daughters came to Guadalajara. Kelcey brought Kira and Kia to Mexico so that Kim wouldn’t be alone. I came home to find Kira turning my little Karsy into a cover girl.
Kira told Karsyn how to pose, and Karsyn did it.

I’m thinking Kira has a future in photography...

...these photos were taken by her.

...and Karsyn might be a future model.


So it's been a while.

I got back from Tulsa on Tuesday. What a fun trip! The singing at Memorial on Wednesday was the best I’ve heard in recent memory. …just to be topped by the singing at AIM-a-palooza on Friday night.

The classes were great. So fun to hear what God is doing in his church all around the globe. And the fellowship was a once-in-a-lifetime treat. So many friends, so little time.

And then there’s family! Even my grandma was there. I hadn’t seen her in 3 years.

I even got to golf. I’m horrible and only golf for social reasons. But it was great spending 3 hours chasing my stray tee shots with Dad, Dusty and Shawn Mays. (Shawn and Arleen are recent additions to the family. Well, Arlene was voted in, but Shawn is in somewhat of a probation period as he’s a Cub fan and can’t kick the habit.)

Which brings us to tonight. The first pitch is less than an hour away! Is anyone else suiting up?


Off to Tulsa!

One more sleep!

Tomorrow morning we take Q to school and then head right on out to the airport. I should be in Tulsa by 5:00 p.m. I do have my doubts though. I'm not sure I can make it through customs in Houston during the hour provided, back through security and on to my gate. I'm betting I get the next flight.

Kim heads back out to the airport about that time, here in Guadalajara to pick up Kelcy and her two daughters. I'll be back in time to spend a couple of days with them before they make their way back to California.

Hope you all have a great week. I'm really looking forward to seeing many of you in Tulsa.


Baseball Season!

Today we had our second baseball practice! The team, it turns out, has been practicing since August. Cory Burns found out about the team two weeks ago so Josiah and Quincy have practiced with them today and last Thursday. We're not sure if they'll get to play in the games or not.

We're really not even sure how many more times they'll attend practice. It is a blast, but they are behind the rest of the kids and don't have the attention span. The practices last for over 2 and 1/2 hours. The boys have a blast... for about an hour and a half. I think we'll keep going back as long as the boys want to, but will try not to push them for our entertainment. (And it is entertainment!)

It's hard to make out the ball, but Quincy is connecting in this photo.

Josiah takes off for first after hitting the ball.

One of the funnest things is coming home and re-living the day. Q and I sit down at the table to eat and he tells me about all the great things he did. (As if I weren't there to see them.) So far, the real highlight has been getting hit in the face by grounders and not crying. Happens more than you'd think.

He didn't exactly catch it, but notice how he stays in front of the ball. We all know he didn't learn that from his dad.

Quincy's not exactly the biggest kid on the team... but he's looking good!


Rush Family Update

This is our most recent newsletter. We've been having problems sending it through our AOL Groups. So if you no longer receive it but want to, let us know and we'll add you to the list.

Also, thank you so much for your prayers for us. We know that the work we are a part of is so richly blessed because so many are watering the fields with prayer.

Growth in Jocotan
Almost immediately after Omar’s baptism, he began talking about those he wanted to share his story with. Since making the decision to change his life, almost a year ago, Omar began escaping to his home after work, avoiding the streets along with the people and the temptations in them. Just recently, though, he’s begun reappearing, and reconnecting with old friends and acquaintances. Many (if not all) are asking him what’s different. Why the change? Some have even asked, “Are the brothers paying you to change?” To which he’s responded, “No. I’ve just started reading the Bible, and it is changing me.”

Many are making fun of Omar for not joining with them as in the ‘good ole days’. Others see Omar’s changed life and want the same. It looks like God is positioning him to impact more and more old friends. Please keep Omar in your prayers. As exciting as this is, it is often slow and taxing. Right now, Omar feels alone in his neighborhood among his friends.

José Julian
One of the first ones Omar began talking about reaching out to was José Julian. José Julian is the husband of Omar’s sister Lilian, though they’ve been separated for three years. José Julian is an alcoholic and wants to change. Omar feels responsible for José Julian’s lifestyle as they were friends even before they were brother-in-laws. And Omar’s influence was one of the factors that lead José Julian into drugs and alcohol. Now, Omar wants to influence him for Christ. We can’t tell you how fun it is to hear Omar talk like this without prompting from us. He really wants to share the gift that God has given him in changing his life for the better.

On one Sunday morning, when just Omar, José Julian and Tim were sitting together, Omar was confessing his desire over the weekend to return to his old way of life. José Julian, who was with us for just the second time and hadn’t said much up until this point, began encouraging Omar, “Cuňo (short for brother-in-law), don’t give up. See these changes you’ve made. You’ve made me think I can do it! Cuňo, I want these changes for my life too! Don’t go back now.” Tim sat in awe of what Jesus was doing among this family.

With the steps toward God that José Julian is making, Lilian is more and more open to reconciling their marriage. Jesus is actually causing healing in this broken home! As you pray with us, please focus on the marriages in our body: for God to unify the couples and bring them closer together as families as they draw closer to him. It is exciting seeing how the transformative power of Christ has become a testimony of God’s power and that it will also increase their influence for God in their neighborhood. It seems like God is already answering our prayers about the feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Around the corner from our home is a children’s home called Ciudad de los Niňos (The City of Children). For quite some time we’ve wondered how we might be able to minister to them. However, they are a catholic-run orphanage and we were told by others that they didn’t allow volunteer work from non-catholics.

Tim passed by the other day and saw some of the kids out throwing a baseball around. So the next day, he stopped by the office and asked if he could help them out coaching baseball. Tim was passed on to Juan Pablo who has just recently organized a baseball team among the kids and is very eager for some reinforcements. Thus, Tim is now helping, twice a week, coach 13 to 16 year olds. His first practice was last Wednesday and he LOVED it. The kids have hardly any baseball experience, but still had a blast.

Q School
Good news on the school front: we’ve found a school for Quincy that we really like that is very close to our home. Thank you so much for praying with us about it. When Kim took Quincy for the entrance evaluation (that’s very normal in Mexico… even for the 1st grade), she met a neighbor of ours who’s son will be in the same class as Quincy. Her name is Carina and Dario is her son.

Other Prayer Requests
Please keep praying for the leadership growing among all the churches in the area and for the time the emerging leaders spend together each month. Omar has been attending these meetings with Tim and we pray for more contact between our church and the others in the area.

Tim will be traveling to Tulsa for the workshop there at the end of March. Please prayer for safe travel, renewal, and God’s working during that week. He will be speaking Thursday morning about what God is doing in Guadalajara. Kim’s sister and nieces will be here while he is gone.


Quote of the Day

"The only statistic I can ever remember is that if all the people who go to sleep in church were laid end to end they would be a lot more comfortable."

Attributed to Queen Victoria, taken from The Shaping of Things to Come by Frost and Hirsch


Blood Diamonds

Has anyone seen this movie? Very intense. Too much violence. But the violence is different when you get the feeling the story is truer than you might have imagined. Thus, how true is it? Someone in Tulsa ask our Africa-expert Clint what he knows.

If you haven’t seen it, I’d suggest you go right now.
For those that might not know, Dennis Wilson left today for Cozumel, Mexico. He and Theresa and family are moving there to take over a children’s home. He will spend the month of March in a complete emersion language school. Theresa and kids will arrive after the school year ends. Please keep this wonderful family in your prayers.
Quincy keeps asking us when baseball season is going to start. I was pretty proud of that until I realized his true motive for asking. We turned off our cable after the World Series and do not have plans to start it again until baseball season starts. He must have put two and two together and he really misses Discovery Kids.

I’m missing American Idol and Law and Order myself.


Comings and Goings

I woke up this morning worried about two things; both involving travel. (I have to admit that I’m much more of a worrier than I should be.) First, I was thinking about how grateful I am that we won’t be driving out of Mexico this year on furlough. It seems that Nuevo Larado and the border in general is becoming more and more of a war zone (drug wars). And it is so frightening passing through there with the family.

The other is the drive we’ll make in a couple of hours through Jocotan to be with our church in that neighborhood. It is a very poor neighborhood with all the stereo-type action… lots of drunks wandering around, lots of unattended kids playing in the streets. And to get to the family's home, we have to back down a dead-end street. I hate it! I’m always afraid a small kid is going to run, unseen, behind the car. This scares me for the child, but also for my own. If we were to hurt one of theirs, getting out ourselves wouldn’t be a certainty.

So this morning, God had this to share with me (from Psalms 121).

“I will keep you from all harm – I will watch over your life; I will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.”

Again, I’m in awe that this all-powerful God, can communicate to us on even the most obscure level, speaking to fears that are ours TODAY.



This is what I’m looking forward to in Tulsa…

I love listening to my dad talk about what all happened during the day; the behind the scenes look. I love listening to Dusty talk about what he heard and what he thought about what he heard. (I have to admit, Dusty is about 5 years ahead of me, spiritually speaking. He tells me what he’s thinking and it takes me that long to understand/ come to terms with/ agree with what he said. He might be a prophet… or I might just be slow.)

I can’t wait to have breakfast with Angie Burns. I can’t wait for AIM-a-palooza at the Thornton’s on Friday night. I’m going ahead and planning on tearing up during the flag presentation on Friday evening. The standing ovation gets me every time.

I’m stealing Jay Jarboe, and Sherry too if she’ll come, for a cup of coffee at some point. Jealous?!

What about you? Favorite memory? What excites you?


New Favorite Quote

My new favorite quote comes from Leonard Sweet, talking about fundamentalism in The Three Hardest Words in the World to Get Right (p. 22):

“A yearning for yesteryear, a hankering after the palmy days of the past, a nostalgia for what never did happen, is at the heart of fundamentalism. The Bible challenges us to “remember the days of old,” to honor the “years of many generations,” but not to live in them. Alpha and Omega are yoked, but Alpha is not Omega.

Reminds me of something my brother mentioned 3 to 5 years ago. I can’t quote him, but the gist was this: the problem with the restoration movement is that Jesus never called us to move back… he calls us to move forward according to what the Spirit is telling us Today.


Tulsa Workshop

I made my tickets last week and I can’t wait! The workshop starts on Wednesday the 21st. Are you going? If you follow my dad’s link to the right, and go down to his post from Wednesday, February the 14th you can see a schedule.

To the ex-AIMers out there, you might be interested to see that our own Angie Burns will be speaking on Friday. And, not mentioned on the schedule, the first annual, AIM-a-pa-looza will be held after the Friday night session in the home of Jason and Heather Thornton. (Reunion for ex-AIMers.) Angie will be in charge of the stories. (Angie, do you think you can get Paige to come and help you out with that?) Stuart will be in charge of the door prizes. (Can someone let Stuart know?) And Jason will be in charge of the singing. I’ll be in charge of eating nachos. (Could someone bring nachos?)

Can’t wait to see you all there!


Allergies, Colds and Tulsa

Feels like forever since I’ve blogged. Pat Sheaffer came into town a week ago last Wednesday so I was pretty busy having a big time with Pat. After taking him to the airport on Monday, I decided on my way home that I might be coming down with something.

BUT, I had an appointment with the Allergy doctor on Monday so I couldn’t get sick yet. I don’t know why I’ve waited 34 years to make this appointment. He gave me the little scratch test, and surprise, I’m allergic to everything. I’m not just saying that… there was nothing that didn’t swell up. In fact, there are still some red spots on my arms 6 days later. Is this normal? I somehow felt vindicated. (Like when you get hit real hard but don’t bruise and you think, hey I wish I had something to show for the pain… I watched my arms swell up and I was so glad.) Now, it’s time to get well. I started the shots on Tuesday but they may take 2 to 3 months before they start making a difference. I can’t wait!

My cold that started on Monday took its sweet time migrating into my chest, where it has stayed. Gotta love it. But the great thing about Mexico is the self-medication. Today I finally started some antibiotics.

I’ll post more on this later, but is everyone making plans to attend the Tulsa Workshop in March? Just a month away! There’s still time to make it work.


Cline Paden

I received the following letter today and thought many of you who read this blog might be interested to know how Cline is doing. What a great man!

Dear brethren,

I am sending this email out widely and asking you to forward it to those on your email list, if you feel that it is appropriate.

As many of you know, Cline R. Paden has been very ill in the advanced stages of Parkinson's disease for quite awhile. Recently he has taken a turn for the worse and has apparently been near death on a couple of occasions. In the last couple of days he has rallied a bit but this may be temporary.

We want to open a channel of communication with as many as possible, since Cline is such a beloved brotherhood figure and since he has influenced so many across the years. Here is what we are asking:

Check our website at www.sibi.cc. You will see a picture of Cline and can click on it to get a current report on his condition.

Send an encouraging email to Cline. You may want to share some story of his influence in your life or just share a scripture, prayer or some comforting message. I will take a stack of emails when I visit Cline and read them to him. This will mean more to him than you can know. Send your emails, addressed to Cline, to tadair@sibi.cc or just respond on the website update page.

Share the news of the website update with others and be prepared to forward the notice of Cline's VICTORY, when that time comes. Selfishly we hope that is a long time coming, but many of the medical signs indicate that it may be near.

Thanks for your interest and concern and your prayers for Cline and the whole Paden family.

In Christ,
Truitt Adair


8 Years!

On Sunday, as we drove to our friends’ house to watch the Super Bowl, Kim and Quincy were squealing with delight over the beautiful rainbows along the way. At one point, when I thought they were done, Kim got a fresh glimpse and shouted so suddenly that I thought we were about to get hit by a car. After I let her know we almost drove into oncoming traffic, she told me to lighten up. “After all, that’s why you love me.” …referring to her getting excited over simple things like rainbows.

So today, in honor of our 8th year anniversary, I thought I’d share a few more reasons why I love Kimberly Gwin Rush.

*The other day Quincy asked her to sing a song for him, so she does… in Russian! After finishing she looks at me and says, “Huh, I didn’t know I knew that song.”
*I love that she gets excited that Clark might be left handed (like her).
*I love that she can’t watch a movie at night without falling asleep.
*that she reads the Daily Bible to the kids at breakfast.

*that she’ll take batting practice with the rest of us.
*that movies like Meet the Parents stress her out.
*that Karsyn is a miniature version of her.
*that she’d rather eat veggies than chips but doesn’t give me a dirty look when I have one more piece of pizza.

*that when she’s pregnant she craves Long John Silver’s
*that she’s not pregnant!
*that she is SOOO Beautiful.
*that she can do more than one chin-up.
*that she adores my family. (Sure, who wouldn’t like Mom, Chris, Wendy and Crystal… but Dad and Dusty too?!)
*that I tried to sneak down stairs this morning without waking her at 6:30 and there she was reading her Bible on the couch.

*that she would ever date me, much less marry me.
*that she played in the Baseball Rapido League with me… and was good!
* have you heard her sing? She’s definitely not a Rush.
*that to her, playing scrabble in a coffee shop is romantic and my running and playing with the kids is attractive.
*that she’s smarter than me but doesn’t make an issue out of it. (She was valedictorian of her class at LCU.)