I have been tagged by Maggie Harris. Truth be told, I was also tagged by Doug Townsdin right before I had my tonsils taken out but never played along. So here goes…Here are the rules. 1)Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves. (2) People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules. (3) At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names. (4) Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog

1. The most interesting One Thing to ever happen would be my 30 ft. fall from a cliff when I was an AIM student in Portugal. But since I’ve beaten that dead horse, I won’t retell it here.

2. I’m a direct descendant of Benjamin Rush. “Who is that?”, you ask. If you look on the Declaration of Independence and find Benjamin Franklin’s name, Rush’s is right above it. I could probably give you 8 facts about him easier than I can about myself. Interesting fellow! My youngest son’s name happens to be Clark Benjamin.

3. I’ve been in a couple of pretty interesting historical settings. I was in Russia in 96 when they almost returned to communism. (Dennis Wilson had me convinced it would happen and had me deciding what I’d do if they returned. It was quite the teaching moment!) And I was in South Africa weeks after Nelson Mandela was elected president in 94. As we were leaving the airport, upon arrival, the missionary that picked us up (Paul Miller and Monica Smith-now-Fox went as well) pointed out a pile of rubble where someone detonated a bomb the week before in protest to the elections.

4. This is kind of gross, but I like to snack on spinach by putting a huge chaw of it in my mouth and continuing on about my day. Kim’s not a fan of the habit, though she’s happy to see me eating my veggies.

5. I find it very interesting that my parents were converted by missionaries. The College Church of Christ in Abilene, Tx sent missionaries to Quincy Il, somewhere around 68. Really, who would target Quincy? I’m so glad they did! My oldest son’s name is Quincy.

6. James Kinnaird was my best friend in AIM (class of 90). 5 years later, he and his beautiful wife coordinated a young AIMer in Perm Russia by the name of Kimberly Blachly who would later marry me. (James’s oldest son’s name is Timothy. No, not really named after me, but I thought that piece of info would fit in nicely here.)

7. The only noticeable skill I’ve ever exhibited has been dissecting rats in biology lab at Texas Tech. Really, it was like a freaky thing. I believe each person has THEIR gift that they can do better than anyone else. I was saddened to find that was mine. I couldn’t really skin rats at parties to impress girls.

8. I used to swear I’d never be a preacher, never do mission work and NEVER go to Africa. After I had done all three I began swearing that I’d NEVER marry a super model. It worked!

I tag Kara Lane (Blachly) Olsen. http://ericandkara.blogspot.com/ By the way, my daughter’s name is Karsyn Lane. I think I’ll put their links up just in case you’d like to catch up with them. So I also tag Doug Oaks http://thedougout24.wordpress.com/, Pat Sheaffer http://sheaffersaimreport.blogspot.com/, Doogle http://allaboutcanaan.blogspot.com/, Theresa Wilson http://denniswilson.com/theresa/ , Beau Hart http://beauahart.blogspot.com/, Cheeky Susan http://cheekyness.blogspot.com/ and Clair (Maguire) Wilson http://www.gingerpixel.com/.

Happy Chocolate Day!

My sister-in-law, Kara (http://ericandkara.blogspot.com/), informed me that yesterday was National Chocolate Lovers' Day and I forgot to celebrate. I just thought the rest of you might want to know in case you missed it too.


Angie Burns

I want to direct your attention to another blog. Over at http://paigeforeman.com/blog/ Paige Foreman is honoring/roasting Angie Burns who just happens to be one of my favorite people. If you haven't already, please stop by and tell Angie why you love her. And then be sure and tell the juiciest story you know about her.
This is Angie's cheering section ready to hear her speak at the Tulsa Workshop last March.

This picture was in the same folder. I don't think Angie will mind if I add a photo of the kids.


Baseball Picks Anyone?

What's wrong with me? 3 posts in 2 days?

But the games are about to start. Oops, I just checked and the Rhillies and Rockies are in the 2nd inning. Oh well.

Phillies vs. Rockies
Cubs vs. D-Backs
Red Sox vs. Angels
Yankees vs. Indians

Who've you got?

I'm saying it will be Red Sox over Yankees and Phillies over Cubs, with the Red Sox winning it all.

Heroes? Goats? Bartmans?

Jesus came looking for me

Well, it was actually Jesús, Lupe’s brother. (Lupe is Omar’s wife… we probably need a score card, don’t we?) We’ve been praying about open doors into Lupe’s family and have only met them on a few occasions. Jesús has been by their house a couple of times. He’s rather soft spoken, but we’ve tried to be kind and let him know we’re interested in him. Though we’ve only spoken a few times, he came by Omar and Lupe’s house on Sunday looking for me. (I was in Dallas at the time.) Thus, I’m curious as to why he came by and am asking for you to be praying about Jesús. He could be coming by to ask for money or help with paper work. But we’re hoping it has something to do with Jesús looking for Jesus.

Would you mind praying that this has to do with Jesus and not something to do with me being a gringo? Thanks.


Ode to the Q

Feats of Strength.

I thought I'd post a few recent pictures of Quincy. He turned six in August and is in the first grade.
Best buds. This is Cooper Pruett the youngest son of Joe and Elaine. All three of their kids are giants.

Festavis for the rest of us! The Q and I about to have some birthday cake.

Why we love our tortillas!