swine flu

Taking Quincy to school today, I noticed EVERYONE had a surgical mask on... even the guy directing traffic. (That was odd.) They were even handing the masks out to the kids as they entered the school yard.

The lady that opened the door for Quincy and helped him get his backpack out of the car asked something about, "Who wants to leave their kids today?" It was all kind of quick and hurried, but left me puzzled as to what she was communicating. Kim took the twins an hour later and the same lady received them at the door. Kim reported that the lady said the same thing to her but then expanded on it a bit. She was saying that if you don't want to leave your kids here, you don't have to.

Kim just now picked the kids up from school and came home with the news that all schools in Mexico have been closed until the 6th of May. Everyone is encouraged to stay home as much as possible.

I'm curious to see if people will really stay home or not. My first impression is YES. I've been at home for most of the morning, but when I was out, there seemed to be a lot less trafic.


Rush Family Update for April

All-Church Retreat
In March, about 90 of us gathered for a weekend retreat. We were only a few miles outside of town, but it felt like 100. It was great! Cabins, tents, bugs, nasty showers, camp fires, hiking and soccer games... this place had it all.

The classes were great, but I think the highlight of the weekend was the time we spent alone with God. After each class time, we had questions that were prepared to help us examine our past and the effects it was having on our present relationship with God as well as its effect on our present Christian community. Chadd, Cory and I each taught a session, while Joe wrapped up each class and tied it into the questions he’d prepared for us.

Julian’s Family
Julian, our brother from Jocotan, (on the right, with his brother Nahum) invited many from his family to join us for the retreat. His brother, mom and nephew accepted the invitation and had a wonderful time. Julian and his wife Lilian have been spending a lot of time sharing with Julian’s family and we believe we are beginning to see the fruit that God is bearing in their lives. Please keep this family in your prayers. We believe Nahum and their mother (Felipa) are both making decisions about baptism.

Lilian Reaching Out
Lilian (on the right side of the table, sitting across from Quique and Monica) is gifted in evangelism. She’s also experienced a great change in her life which is noticeable to all of her family, friends, co-workers and bosses. If she hasn’t started the conversation, they will... asking why and how she’s made such a drastic change. A group of ladies in Jocotan have recently asked her to basically start preaching to them. They want to know more about what’s happened to her.
Please keep Lilian in your prayers. Though she has a great heart, she can be a bit overbearing at times. We pray that God blesses her with great wisdom when teaching about his peace which has taken over her life.

Baptisms in Ciudad Granja

In March we had our first baptisms from the new church plant in Ciudad Granja. Cory and Toni Burns have been working to plant a church there among a family of believers for some time. Finally, Quique and Monica (in the center, surrounded by Gerardo and Cory) decided to be baptized into Christ. We rejoice with the Burns and the young church in Ciudad Granja.
Ministry at Ker Liber
God is continuing to open doors at the kids’ school. Whether it is time Kim spends volunteering, presentations we are invited to attend, parent classes we are a part of, or just hanging out watching the kids practice soccer, we feel like God continues to bless us with opportunities to talk about his grace.
Please keep Omar in your prayers. One day he’ll seem to be back on track and the next we’ll be blindsided again by his poor decisions. We are
certain though that God hasn’t given up on him.
Please pray.

We’ve decided to take a year-long furlough beginning in July after the kids are out of school. We will travel to California to spend time with Kim’s family before heading to Tulsa in time for the kids to start school there. While in Tulsa, Tim will begin working on a Masters in Communications from Oklahoma University.

It will definitely be hard to pack the house into storage and say goodbye (for a year) to so many wonderful friends. But we are very excited about reconnecting with family and friends in the states.

Seminar in Morelia
On Saturday, the 28th of March, we traveled to Morelia for an all-day conference. The missionaries there invited Dr. Gailyn and Becky Van Reenan, from Mission Alive in Dallas to come and share some ideas with us on taking the next steps in our missions. There were leaders from five different mission works present and many of us are at the same places in our ministries.
While listening to the Van Reenans share with us, it was fun to be reminded that we are a part of a large team of church planters in Mexico. Some are older, some younger, but we are each working towards the same goal; to share Jesus with this great nation.