Missionary in Need

Since many of you who read this are involved in missions around the globe, I thought I’d share with you the need of a missionary that has been one of my heroes for the last 15 years.

Belinda Moore is a missionary in Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan. Many factors have recently come together which have necessitated Belinda’s move back to the states. (Among other things, Belinda is the grandmother of Noah Henderson, the baby with Tay-Sachs I wrote about previously.)

Have you ever wondered how missionaries move back to the states? Churches and individuals are bombarded with requests from many great works. So which of them want to donate to a missionary coming home? …a bit of a quandary eh.

Still, Belinda will need to raise about $5,000 to move her home back to the states. And I just happen to know of a fun way you could help her out. Belinda is a great artist and is selling her work to help cover this cost.

So I want to encourage you to check out her blog (link below) to learn more about her. From her blog you can click on Shell Seeker Gallery to view some of her paintings.

When you hang your new painting all your friends will want to know where in the world you got it. “Why, Lazaro Cardanas, Mochoacan, of course”, you’ll reply. I happen to have a Belinda original, that’s been hanging in my living room for 10 years, of which I’m quite proud. So give it a look-see.



Pictures of the kids

My how they grow up so fast. Quincy turned 7 two days after this picture when we were celebrating the twins birthday.
Clark and Karsyn just turned 4. There are 4 candles but it's turned sideways so you only see two.

What a little cuttie.
Looks like someone is ready to do some roller blading! But oops, did I forget my pants?

Our kids absolutely love the AIMers. Brian doesn't mind at all that Karsyn is trying to comb his goat-tee.
Karsyn is playing with Jane's hair. She thinks she's making it pretty. ...I'm not really sure about that.
Karsyn is eating a fruit called Pitahaya. It is quite cool looking with its hot pink outer peal and white, yummy, kiwi-like fruit.


A Great Idea

I want to share with you something my brother-in-law, Eli, does with some in his church in the Sacramento area. I don't know what he calls it, but it's something like an Art Retreat.

They go away together for a night or two and do Art. Before hand, Eli picks a theme, and the theme could be anything really... Mercy, Redemption, Sin, Love, Joy... and each person creates some sort of art that is inspired by that theme. (I think many stay up all night working.) Then each person presents his masterpiece and explains how it ties in to the particular theme. In this way, there isn't a teacher and many students... all teach when it is their turn and all are students. Sounds like a lot of fun to me and I'm not very art-savy.

Another cool thing about this... it isn't a youth retreat or a young singles or men's or whatever retreat. It's a combination that spans the congregation. I think it would be fun to witness as the 16 year old and the 59 year old actually connect and learn from each other.