A Special Prayer Request

Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE!This is Adah and Noah Henderson, the children of Jacob and Amanda Henderson (Missionaries in Mexico City). As many of you know, Noah has been undergoing tests for Tay-Sachs. The tests came back positive today.

Please pray for a miracle.

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Everywhere Psalm

The following was written by Kim as we traveled across Mexico last March. It was inspired by Clark’s constant reminder to us that God is “ev-we-weaw”. This has been reproduced without permission. (Shhh… don’t tell Kim.)

Everywhere Psalm

In the sun on my back and the classics:
smiles of my kids, the tears of a friend,
my marriage and how two have become a family.

the vast stretch of space and a cocoon;
a seed and a tree, possibilities and promise;
my past, present and future.

my nervous stomach? well, move in here.
my thoughts, words, decisions. move in here.
my self. Here.

The cattle on a thousand hills.
The drivers of a thousand cars?
in millions of plants and each distinct flower;
Humanity, Hearts. Here. my Hope.

more of You, move in Here;
to the familiar of home, realms unknown
and beyond the scope of imagination.

From the mouth of a three year old boy,
“God is ev-we-weaw.”