Grandma's Fornia

In just a few minutes I'll be off to the airport to join my family in Californai. Or as Karsyn says, "Grandma's Fornia, where we'll see my birthday!"

Kim and kids have been there for almost two weeks now. I can't wait to see them tonight! We'll spend a couple of nights with Kim's grandpa and then a few more with her sister Kelcy and her husband Eli. On Thursday we're having a big birthday party for all three kids. (Clark and Karsyn's birthdays or on the 23rd and then Quincy's will be on the 25th.) On the 25th we'll be flying up to Seattle where we'll set sail to Alaska on the 26th.

Doesn't it sound odd to hear of a missionary family going on a cruise? I almost feel guilty about it, even though we aren't paying a dime.

I hope the rest of you have a fun time getting back to school.



Go ahead and tub it in, brother.

Have a great time!!!

bruce baird said...

we'll see ya soon buddy! bring your rain jacket to juneau if you want to go bear viewing!

Toni Burns said...

Have so much fun! I can't believe you are finally going. I told Cory last night that I remember when Kim first told me about it and it seemed so far away. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Sarah said...

Have fun. I am anxious to see your pictures when you get back!

The Harris Family said...

Hey Rush Family...we know you are back...how about a post????

Kim said...

sorry, Tim went to a men's retreat and I do not really know how to post. If I did, I would write some flowery, feel-good thing and pretend it was from him.

Anyway, we had a great, great time and were glad to be back as well and get back into real life. You can only live like kings for so long before it starts to change you.

The Harris Family said...


We were just at KLC's house last night! I am so sorry we didn't make it over to see you guys. I don't have any good excuse, but I feel like I missed out on something really good. I got filled in on the exciting cruise and all the stuff in between. Sounds like it was a blast. Love you guys.