Date night with Karsyn

Well, date morning anyway.

This morning Clark had an appointment with a kindergarten for testing. (Do we do that in the states?) Thus, Karsita and I went on a breakfast date. It was really a lot of fun. I learned that she’d like to have a baby sister and she wants to name her Miss Cimina. Later, I realized she was trying to say cinnamon. I asked her what other names might be good and she said, “Auntie Kara! Because she’s a big gi-yal and has long hair. But she’s cool.” I’m not sure why she had to throw the ‘but’ in there, but oh well.

The first photo was taken at the beach with her special braided hair. The second picture is what happens after you take those tight little braids out. For some reason the boys thought they were great… thus made her even sadder still.


The Harris Family said...

Don't you just love dates with your daughter? We call them "Daddy/Daughter Day." Adding the boy into that outing is just a totally different dynamic that changes the whole landscape. Don't get me wrong... I like that there is now ONE other male in my house (Wife, Two Girls, One Female Cat, One Female Dog - HELP!) but daughters are different and special in their own way.

Scary thought is that how your daughters perceive God and their future HINGES on you as the dad. God help my children.


Anonymous said...

You tell her RaDonna LOVES her hair like that....maybe she can help me with my hair soon.



PS West Texas wind is at it again. You can't see half a mile down the road and it seams every window in my house is whistling. I know you miss it. ha

Anonymous said...

That would be "seems" not "seams". I hate posting things before I read them. DUH!

kim said...

she is so cute! glad that you are back after a long absence. send my love to kim.

klc said...

Her hair looks a little bit like Auntie Kelcey's crazy big hair. Some days are worse than others. Love you guys!

Kara Lane said...

What a great honor! I miss you guys. I will try to skype soon! Love you!

Terry Rush said...

At least she didn't want to name her baby sister Crappaw Terry!

Carolyn said...

Sweet pictures.

And...I think if she wants a little sister...she oughta get a little sister!

Anonymous said...

ha ha Carolyn. She does not know that she will not get as much adoration if she has to share the spotlight with another girl.

She notices such different details than the boys and it is fun to see into her little heart. She says "I love all my family in my heart." And then starts to name EVERYBODY off, family and friends. And last week she was out in the "front yard"(which we cut way back from quite a state of overgrowth.) She looked up and said "God, pllleeease send us some flowers!" It really has to bring God great joy to answer requests like that.

from Kim

Anonymous said...

Hi Rush Family, this is a REALLY old friend from way way long ago, (formerly, Ariana Deacon, now Ariana Wills) and I would LOVE to get in touch with Kim if she has a moment and an email address. Your family is absolutely amazing and it is such a blessing to know you are still doing God's work! If you have any free time (I'm sure with 3 kids, that is the best statement you've heard all year) please feel free to contact me info@averimedia.com

May God continue to bless you, your family and your great work. -Ariana