Everywhere Psalm

The following was written by Kim as we traveled across Mexico last March. It was inspired by Clark’s constant reminder to us that God is “ev-we-weaw”. This has been reproduced without permission. (Shhh… don’t tell Kim.)

Everywhere Psalm

In the sun on my back and the classics:
smiles of my kids, the tears of a friend,
my marriage and how two have become a family.

the vast stretch of space and a cocoon;
a seed and a tree, possibilities and promise;
my past, present and future.

my nervous stomach? well, move in here.
my thoughts, words, decisions. move in here.
my self. Here.

The cattle on a thousand hills.
The drivers of a thousand cars?
in millions of plants and each distinct flower;
Humanity, Hearts. Here. my Hope.

more of You, move in Here;
to the familiar of home, realms unknown
and beyond the scope of imagination.

From the mouth of a three year old boy,
“God is ev-we-weaw.”


Jason said...

Right on. If only we could see that clearly.


cemotosnack said...

God IS evweweah ... I like that. What a beautiful writing by Kim ... it truly expresses God's evweweahness.

I want my eyes to be open to God so that I do see Him in everything and especially in everyone.

rboyles said...

Jesus said it this way: "Out of the mouths of babes ... you (God) have perfected praise!"

Thank you for sharing Clark's perfect insight and Kim's gift.

I love you and yours. Rex

Amanda Sanders said...

Loved this post! Rock on Kim!

Kara Lane said...

Hey Kim, this is really cool. Have you written others? Right on.