swine flu

Taking Quincy to school today, I noticed EVERYONE had a surgical mask on... even the guy directing traffic. (That was odd.) They were even handing the masks out to the kids as they entered the school yard.

The lady that opened the door for Quincy and helped him get his backpack out of the car asked something about, "Who wants to leave their kids today?" It was all kind of quick and hurried, but left me puzzled as to what she was communicating. Kim took the twins an hour later and the same lady received them at the door. Kim reported that the lady said the same thing to her but then expanded on it a bit. She was saying that if you don't want to leave your kids here, you don't have to.

Kim just now picked the kids up from school and came home with the news that all schools in Mexico have been closed until the 6th of May. Everyone is encouraged to stay home as much as possible.

I'm curious to see if people will really stay home or not. My first impression is YES. I've been at home for most of the morning, but when I was out, there seemed to be a lot less trafic.


Haley said...

yikes, I know we have it here to but I don't think schools are being closed (thought I did hear about one school closing because they thought someone had it.) But I don't see people walking around wearing masks yet. It seems like it happened crazy fast.

Kara Lane said...

Hey, I am sure everything will be fine, but we are praying for you guys especially.

Terry Rush said...

I bet Guadalajara isn't as crowded 'til May 6th. Go outside and look. Even the gym might have room to move around.

klc said...

We are thinking of you guys.