Baby Ana

This last weekend I overheard a part of a conversation going on in our backseat between Quincy and his friend Allison. They must have been discussing cousins because I hear Q say, “My cousin Ana died when she was a baby. But don’t worry cause she’s with God now. Well, I don’t know if she’s still a baby or not.”

It was two years ago today that Baby Ana passed away, breaking all of our hearts. Two years ago today she stepped into a realm that we don’t understand but can only imagine. We won’t know if she’s a baby or full grown until we, one day, are blessed to step through to that same realm. (I’m guessing full grown, however that plays out with a redeemed body. I’m betting she looks just like her mom.)

Until then, our prayers are with Wendy, Chris, Hayden and Ana’s twin sister, Campbell-bell. May God bless you today with much peace. We love you.


Wendy said...

Thank you for remembering Ana. That means a lot to us. Quincy melts me. We really miss you guys. Love you!

Terry Rush said...

Cousins and their love for each other.....priceless. Good post.

The Gearharts said...

I am slow to leave a comment. I have started one twice and erased it. However, I just wanted to say, It is a blessing to have family. We all pass through some valley of the shadow of death at some time, but there are some valleys I pray I do not find myself in. However, where ever this journey of life lead, I pray I have family to love and encourage me through it all.

Michael Taylor said...

My friend,

I love your sensitive heart. Miss you and think of you more than you know. Drop me a note at mt@michaeltaylor.cc sometime. I hope I hear from you soon. Blessings. Michael