That’s What She Said

The other night, at the dinner table, I heard Kim say the following: “Clark, stop putting that fork between your toes and put it back on your plate.”

In her defense, she’s now claiming she said that last part with a smile on her face. I’ll let any of you mothers of small children make the call on that one.

Do you think Karsyn's misery is the source of Clark and Quincy's happiness?


Jessica L. Johnson said...

Cute pics! I'm sure that Karsyn's misery was the source of Clark and Quincy's happiness! To fun. In our family it is Alison who gets joy out of Christian's misery!


Burns 5 in Guadalajara said...

These pictures look almost identical to some I have of my kids. A very familiar scene between Josiah and Abigail - Toni

Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

since this is the newest blog i thought it would probably get checked more often. . . but my comment refers to april birthdays. . . mine was the 17th, it goes Kim rush, eli and melinda hooper then me. . thats how its always gone (i'm the youngest . . . so for 26 years thats how its always gone). . . happy very late 30th kim!!!! ps, i added you to my 1000 blogs you should see before you die. . . so i'm HOPING i'll see a returned favor (hint hint)

Amy said...

Hey there Mr.Tim Rush! This is Amy (Jordan) Toombs from your old AIMer days. I found your blog from my friend Michael Taylor. I've enjoyed catching up with your family - they are beautiful!!

Amy said...

Ok, not sure if my web address showed up, so just in case:

The Gearharts said...

We are back. I showed the pictures to Abby and Cooper and Abby asked "What'd they do to her?". She was referring to Q and Clark. It made me laugh because of what you said in your post. Your kids just look more and more beautiful. We pray all is well.
Amy G

Sarah said...

I think in general brothers delight in their sisters misery!

Jenny Nye said...

I am going out on a limb and saying that all siblings delight in each others pain.


Hey Rush's ... loved catching up.

Hope you guys are well. Hope to see you guys this summer in the City.