Listening to God

Something caught my attention this morning while reading I Samuel 3. God keeps calling out to Samuel, but Samuel mistakenly thinks he’s hearing from Eli.

This leaves me with two questions: When God calls out to me, do I know it’s him or am I turning to others with questions I should be taking to him? And, how hard am I making it for others to listen to God? I’m afraid that if someone were to ask me to help them distinguish God’s will in their lives, I’d too eagerly draw on my own experiences. Thus, there’s a good chance I’d think they should go to AIM or be a missionary or become involved in house churches.

I want to be like Eli and direct them back to God.

It’s interesting now, looking back at I Samuel 3:1, to see how the story begins. “In those days the word of the Lord was rare.”


Rex said...

The word of God is not rare in your teaching ... in your example. Anyone who hears you teach or watches you (just being you) will not have a hard time distinguishing that to follow you ... is to follow Christ. Thank you, Eli.

Theresa said...

Tim, I like this reminder...let God show others what He wants for their lives, instead of pushing them to do what we think...God really did think of giving us all we need for life, huh?

Next cruise you take needs to stop in Cozumel for a day!

Love you guys!

Claire said...

Funny you should talk about this Tim, I've been thinking a lot about this lately and I don't take this passage as an indication that God talks to all of us and specifically says "I want you to go to AIM" (or whatever decision we're trying to make. This was a rare and specific case, so strange that Samuel was woken up thinking an actual person was talking to him. He wasn't praying for it or seeking it.

If God has a specific will for someone's life then surely He's not going to be scuppered because He can't get their attention or because someone with good intentions gives them different advice.

I'm not sure if I'm being controversial with this (who me?!) but I don't see anything in Scripture that says God has a specific life plan drawn out for everyone that we need to figure out (anytime God talks about His plans for someone they're for that specific person, Jeremiah for instance). I think most of us have to go with "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength"...and then do our best to make wise decisions.

Of course, I'm not saying that God doesn't work in our lives, I just don't think it's so specific with most of us. Sorry...still trying to get my thoughts in some kind of coherent shape, I'll stop talking now :D

Anonymous said...

Wow! How many times have I had someone come to me for a piece of Godly advice and, as you said, I point to my own experiences instead of pointing them back to God. Maybe we ALL should wait and listen for the Lord more often--even in the still of the night.

Dennis said...

Paul said, "follow me as I follow Christ". I think Tim makes a great point, but we need to remember that Paul (inspired by God) - testified many times about his former way of life and the change that was made on that road to Damascus.

Sharing the good things God did for you in AIM, the good things God did for you after AIM - the good things God is doing with and through you now IS pointing the way to the Father - the reason - because you were (and are) open to the Word - you were willing to (and did - and do) listen to the will of the Father - just like Samuel - just like Paul - just like Jesus...and its always enough to be like Jesus.

Michael T said...

Tim, I posted a piece several weeks ago (http://michaeltaylor.cc/?p=83)speaking about the importance of taking into account the importance of those who inspire and teach us. As long as our teaching and teachers point to God and His word then they and He are being served well. I've watched you all your life and am proud of the consistent ways you've pointed to God all your life. thanks for that. Michael

James said...

Lately, more often than not, I feel a total disconnect between God and myself--I don't mean to sound sacrireligious, in saying that. I know it's me with the problem. In that, pray for me, please. I'm in a constant state of "is this what you want me doing, God?"

Another important note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVE (that's right, right?) it's a good day for all of us! You're a gift from the Father.


Dusty Rush said...

Happy Birthday Timmy Rush!

tim rush said...

And happy birhtday to you too.

Terry Rush said...


Wendy said...

Happy Birthday, dear brother!

Jason said...


Here's the info you asked for on our blog. Thought I'd drop it here in case you hadn't checked comments.