Some pictures

Here's a few pictures from our trip in August. There were a couple of nights on the cruise when we had to dress up. Thankfully, we had a few tuxes from Aunt Kara's wedding.
Karsyn with her cousin Kaya. Aren't they too cute.

The name's Rush, Clark Rush

The Q looks good!

Here's the family in Sitka, Alaska. You can just barely see the ship in the background.

The cousins looking good for supper. (Ethan, Quincy, Canaan and Clark)


Anonymous said...

What great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

~ Jennifer Curtis

Kristi said...

What great pictures! I bet Karsyn and Kaya loved dressing up! Love you guys.

tim rush said...

Kaya actually got upset that they were wearing the same thing. Ha!

Carolyn said...

Okay - your kids are so cute! We need to see you guys more than once a year (not just because your kids are cute...) You are coming to the missionary retreat right?!

tim rush said...

Yeah. You guys want to share a balcony?

Tell Benj, congrats on the Cubbies. Looks like they're going to pull it off... unless my Cardinals keep rolling over for the Brewers.

Sarah said...

Your kiddos are adorable! It looks like you guys had a great time!

klc said...

The trip already seems like long ago. We all miss you guys so much. We kind of got used to Kim and the kids being here. Even Kaya, who wasn't always that easy to get along with, says that she misses her cousins.

Kim said...

Hey, Kelcey! We are missing you guys to. Karsyn was just telling me that when Kaya comes here, she is going to sleep with Karsyn in her bed! I thought that was so sweet. Hope to catch you soon so we can chat!