A good idea!

Seinfeld had a quote I used to repeat a lot. "People, they're the worst." It's not that I don't like people... it's just that they can cause problems sometimes.

Then, on my dad's blog some time ago, he wrote, "People are some of God's greatest ideas." I love that quote much more than Seinfelds... and it's true. No matter how annoying we can sometimes be, we ARE some of God's greatest ideas.

Which brings me to Clark. Clark has been running around the house lately singing, "I am a good idea. I AM a good IDEA!"

Perhaps Clark doesn't always have the best ideas... but he IS a great idea.

Speaking of ideas... one day I plan on telling one of our twins, when they're in trouble, that they were an accident. Sure, their sibling was planned, but they were not. Good idea?


Kara Lane said...

Oh Tim, that is a terrible idea! It is amazing your kids came out so great! Just Kidding. I miss you guys!

The Gearharts said...

I'm with Kara...bad idea. However, you know we refer to Noelle as wild flower, and the reason is...she was a surprise, but I think some day she may realize the correlation.

kim said...

you make me laugh. i like clark's attitude. you should read tana's latest blog about emma, equally as cute as this one about clark.

Leon Mission Effort said...

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Terry Rush said...

Umm, not maybe so gooud idea?

Su said...

As someone who grew up being told she was unplanned AND the wrong gender, I think I'd go with a no on that one-- at least until they are teens. After that, to judge from the teenagers I know, one might say they were just bringing it upon themselves.

I agree that people are some of God's best ideas. I sometimes think he has put me around some of his best work in that respect. :)