Psalm 147

Praise the Lord.
How good it is to sing praises to our God,
How pleasant and fitting to praise him!

Don’t know why, but it struck me today… that phrase, “it is fitting to praise him.” So I ask, what song are you singing today?


tim rush said...

Wow Tim, what a great question!

I'd have to say, "Oh God, you are my God". Sure, Rich Mullins released it, but I feel like I've owned it for 15? years or so.

cemotosnack said...

Funny you would put this up today. I have had a song stuck in my head the past few days. It's a song called "So my Sheep May Safely Graze". I guess that's what it's called ... we sang it for the Christmas program in 6th grade.

It talks about the Shepherd taking care of His sheep and making sure they graze safely. He watches for the hawk and the wolf. He makes friends with the wind and gets to know the snow so that even in the winter they can safely graze.

I've always loved the picture of Jesus as my Shepherd. It is fitting to praise my Shepherd for taking care of me in all seasons and all situations.

Amanda Sanders said...

As the Deer


Anonymous said...

your question immediately brought to mind "first song that i sing" by sara groves. it's one of my favorite songs of hers. how different my day is when my first thoughts are "praises to my God and King," but i find it hard to do for this hard-headed, extremely non-morning person. i'm so thankful he is gracefully long-suffering with me. thanks for your posts. greg