Tim and Noe

Tim is traveling right now with his dad and brother. I imagine Wendy is sad to not get to be there to complete the sibling set and see grandma. This has been a busy season for us and so Tim’s blog has gone MIA for awhile. I thought I would just send out a note as a surprise for his return on Friday.

Tim is a great dad and I have almost never had to do all the school runs, meals, baths, tucking ins, etc. I feel very blessed in that aspect (really more like spoiled.) Because of our schedule of life here, we get to share in the parenting tasks and in our ministry. Most of all I love to listen in on his talks with the kids, the funny ones and the ones that leave our three excited about some big or deep idea. They love to have all his attention and when he makes a big deal about something they did well, they all really light up.

At our church retreat this weekend he made a little friend named Noe (Noah.) It was so cute to watch that little guy follow him around and reach up to take his hand. It reminded me of the blessing our kids have in Tim and really proud to see him loving this other little guy whose life has already been so much harder. This picture makes me think also about Dusty’s recent thoughts about the children and Jesus, how they had little to offer and could not “receive” teaching from the great Master. But how great for us that Jesus just wants to let us bask in His attention and make our hearts lighter.


Sarah said...

That is really sweet! I love to see friends grow into parents. You and Tim are wonderful people, and your children are so blessed to have both of you as their mom and dad!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are going well.

It really was good to see you guys ... glad I got to hang out with you for a while.

Why are the twins crying in that picture? Everytime I open this blog it makes me sad for them.

Anonymous said...

That anonymous one got published before I put my name on it ... oops ...


tim rush said...

Hi Sarah, thank you. We were glad to get to see you in Texas, but I was sad that it was so short. We are hoping for more time in Lubbock next time, instead of just passing through. I feel pretty far removed since I am not a great blogging buddy.

And my good friend anonymous, it sounds like we know each other. oh Paige! Just like with Sarah it is almost bitter-sweet that we got to see you, but it really was fast.

To both of you girls, please consider coming for a longer visit. We have an extra room.

tim rush said...

Oh, the crying is actually a funny memory for us, but I guess no one else knows that. Carolyn B sent me that photo. The littles were all spent after a missionary retreat this fall (so they broke down during a picture of all the kids.) There are 25 other kids around them with big happy smiles. May be that is cruel of us to laugh about it, but sometimes it is either laugh or break down and cry, too.