Road Trip Anyone?

Kim's brother Chris is moving from San Diego, California to Syracuse, New York. He planned with his little sister, Kara, to make a cross country road trip so he could have his car with him. Big sister Kelcy heard them making plans and thought maybe she'd like to go. Thus, they thought it wouldn't be right not to include middle sister Kimmy.

So they left from Ridgecrest, Ca yesterday morning. At the moment, they are somewhere West of Denver. If you'd like to follow along on their little journey, check out Kara's blog. Sounds like WAY too much fun!


I think Grandma Kay ought to be blogging her experience as well. She's watching all SEVEN grandkids for the week!


James G. said...

Tell Kim we said "hi". We're just a few hours east of Syracuse, and have good friends there.

Are they stopping by Niagara on the way? It's the perfect time of year.

Anonymous said...

Good to see Dusty Put your Pic at the top of the comment blog:)I hope you comment frequently. I enjoy your comments. I also enjoy your blog:) I hope Kim has a good time on her trip:) I am going to keep tabs on the trip. I also wanted to let you know I live in a little town in Illinois about 50miles from the the town that shares a name with your son:) I live in Pittsfield:)


Haley said...

I don't think grandma Kay would have time to blog if she's watching all SEVEN grandkids!!! Sounds like a blast!

Timbra said...

too bad we didn't know about it sooner, maybe they could have added us to their route. . .sounds like a lot of fun!!!!

Timbra said...

and. . .how did the dad's get out of watching the kiddos?

Anonymous said...

Yeah Tim,
How did the Dad's wind up Without the kids:) I agree that Grandma Kay take her spare hour each day and talk to us in this blog community:)


tim rush said...

Missy, that is very cool as Q is named after that same town... it's where mom and dad were converted.

And I don't know how the dads got out of it. Grandma Kay is just blessed I guess.

tim rush said...

I just talked with Kimmy (Thursday at noon) and they are about to eat lunch in Topeka, Kansas. They hope to make it to St. Louis tonight.

Sounds like they are planning to see the Arch, but sadly, not the Cardinals. The Cardinals are even playing the Padres... sounds awful poetic as Chris is moving FROM San Diego.

Timbra said...

i've read kara's recent post. . . you must be so PROUD?!!!!