Would Christianity Like Me?

In Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz, he tells of the conversion process of Penny, a very insecure college student. When she was getting to know a fellow student who practiced her Christianity in a whole new way, Don writes:

“Penny began to wonder if Christianity, were it a person,
might in fact
like her” p. 46).

That quote has stopped me in my tracks. I’m surrounded by a hurting and insecure world. There are people all around that would just like to be liked. In their own misery, I doubt they’ve even considered that there might be more to Jesus than an empty religious ceremony. If he were here, he’d like them!

And the good news is, he is here! Now, how to show them that he really, really likes them?


Kim said...

Hey, I really like that quote. I think I am going to like the book. I swiped it out of your office today while you were at the men's mini-retreat.

cemotosnack said...

Once I was finally able to grasp that Jesus liked me and valued me ... it changed my life, and changed the way I looked at Him.

He was no longer the great, big, giant waiting to punish me ... He was the quiet, understanding friend that was bigger than anything I would ever fear.

Dad and Linda said...

I like you

Rex said...

The real Jesus ... not the plastic-coated ... gold-plated ... mahogany-carved ... "glow-in-the-dark" ... white-chocolate Jesus ... but the real Jesus understands me ... sypathizes with my weaknesses ... and makes me believe that He is not ashamed to call me "brother". When I learned that ... it changed my life, and I love to watch people discover it. You live in such a way ... that people realize the truth of Jesus - accepting and loving them, too. Rex