When Your Underwear Is No Longer Safe

A few months ago Kim wondered if maybe the hiding place for our monthly money wasn’t a good one. “Might this be the first place someone would look?” she pondered aloud.

Well, I don’t know if it was the first place or not, but the thieves that broke in yesterday certainly left no pair of underwear unturned. (I’m wondering if they didn’t try on a couple of pairs out of spite.) But they didn’t discover our new hiding place. So I say, Kim, good job. Still, they did pack some of our treasured belonging into my own backpack and, thankfully, were gone before we returned home.

Funny moments:

Clark came into our room holding one Spiderman slipper saying, “Oh no, I can’t find the other one!”

Karsyn kept following us around asking if she could play with the gifts (supposed to be future Christmas presents) she found lying at the bottom of our closet. Sorry grandma.

Quincy told me I need not worry about the mess in his room. That was already there when we left for the park. (This was especially comical as it was almost word for word what I said to my dad 30 years ago when we were robbed in Tulsa.)

Good News:

Our dog was with us. Otherwise she’d have probably made new friends and left with them.

Most things can be replaced. Some things, like Kim’s engagement ring, held sentimental value, but tucking our children into bed, we knew the most precious gifts were safe.

Sad News:

They didn’t take my ipod. You read that right, DIDN’T! It is sooo old, I was hoping for an excuse to replace it. Seriously, it was on the bed with everything else they left behind. They moved it but didn’t want it. How about that… discriminating thieves.

But they did take my cell phone. The phone needed to be replaced anyway, but now I have to reprogram all the numbers. Agh!

For Prayers:

Ok, seriously now… We would appreciate your prayers for our safety and that of our team here in Guadalajara. In the last few months, we’ve had many discussions about crime and particularly violence in Mexico. It is a sad trend that seems to be on the rise.


Haley said...

Good on Kim for having the idea to question the security of the underwear! Quincy's response was way too funny; I was cracking up! Did they take Clark's other slipper or did you find it? And did Karsyn get to play with the new toys? So many questions that I NEED answered!! Glad you guys are ok, and that you are able to find humor in a not so humorous situation. (umm, if it makes you feel any better your blog is very secure, I'm on like my 6th word verification; hoping I get it right this time!)

cemotosnack said...

I'm really sorry that they didn't take your IPOD Tim. :)

I'm glad that you guys are safe and that your intelligent wife had moved that $$$. Any way that you could hide that in your IPOD?

You continue to have my prayers.

Timbra said...

we're so glad you guys are safe. it's so hard when your home or person are invaded. the day alani was born, we were still in the hospitl and justin and bill returned to the hospital from the tuesday bible study to report that they'd been mugged on the same road where the house the church met was. . . . very traumatic. our thoughts are with you, if i come across any new ipods i'll pass them on to you :) love you guys!

Haley said...

Oh, how could I forget; I could hook you up with the student discount on your new macbook, and it comes with a free ipod! Things just keep looking up for you don't the ;)

DJG said...

Sorry you are going through this. I will continue my prayers for you all.

**What kind of Ipod do you want? I have an extra one**

tim rush said...

uh, really?

Sarah said...

I love how you chose to put a positive spin on this. I am sure it really sucks, but I am really thankful you guys are safe. I will be praying for your continued safety!

That Kim....she's one smart cookie!

Terry Rush said...

Did they happen to take the presents you got me for Christmas? That is my main concern!