Must See Video

One of my friends here, Brian, made a short video to send back to Sunset in Lubbock for a presentation on Guadalajara. It was so good I sent it on to all our supporters.

I thought I'd also post the link here for anyone that might be interested in seeing what's going on in GDL.

After Brian interviewed me for the video, I realized that everything I said started with, "Well, I thought this was a bad idea, but..." Reminds me that God is a bit smarter than me. I'm glad he's leading, even if I'm slow to understand his direction.

Click on the link below to view the video.


Also, notice that in the first few seconds, on the left hand side, Quincy tackles Josiah Burns and then just walks away.


Jay Jarboe said...

Great video, Tim. Thanks for sharing. I am excited about what God is doing in you!

Claire said...

Thanks for sharing the video Tim, it's great to see the work that you're all doing. I have a big grin on my face after seeing all those familiar faces. Makes me realise how much I miss Mexico.

Timbra said...

two thumbs up!!! we miss you guys!. . . sorry for the pause, my kid had to "go potty" had to take a moment to help her out. . . . thought you'd appreciate that!

Toni Burns said...

Whats up with your son pushing down mine?? Still owe you that cheesecake - I promise next week!

Leon Mission Effort said...

Sweet video! Glad to see God is at work in some many places in so many ways!!! I missed the Quincy tackle! I did notice Joe is slick bald and Cory has hair again though...does that count for anything?!