After the all-church retreat

I just want to thank those of you that read this blog and prayed for the retreat.  (That means you, mom and Kara.)  We had a GREAT time.  There were almost 90 who attended.  That number looks low, in retrospect, as there seemed to be over 100 kids... such a fun atmosphere!

The campgrounds have men and women's dorms, but we took our tent so that the kids would sleep better.  (Last year, people would turn the lights on at all hours of the night and the kids would wake up and cry.)  It was really fun.

On Saturday we had three classes, I Can't Do it, God Can, and I'll Let Him.  The classes were very well done, but I think the real growth will come from the questions Joe Pruett put together for each person to answer individually after each session.  We'd all find a quite place and spend between 45 minutes and an hour taking a personal inventory.  I think the time alone served to help us evaluate how our past (our fears and struggles) are effecting our present reality.  

On Sunday we worshipped together.  Quite a different experience, 90 together instead of 15 or so.  The youth put together a play, Gerardo had a sermon, Chadd took a moment for us to bless Guiye's 3 month old baby.  (Guiye isn't a Christian yet, but is walking in that direction, as the Mexicans would say.  She knows her baby doesn't need to be baptized, but longs for a blessing for her baby.  It was quite powerful.)  Sergio led us in praise.  And we divided into groups of 10 or so to take communion where we spent time praying together.  It was beautiful.

Thanks for being a part of the retreat through your prayers.


Jay Jarboe said...

Tim and Kim,
Praise God that the retreat went so well. I talked to Cory last week about the plans and I was so excited to hear about your approach to the retreat. Prayers have been answered!

Kara Lane said...

It sounds like the weekend was a huge success! I hope everything is going great with your guys as well.

Terry Rush said...

I especially love the class titles.

Love you,

preacherman said...

I want you to know Tim that I prayed for your retreat and praise God that all went well. I think retreats can be a great way of growth both in closeness to eachother and God Himself. I want you to know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers. I pray for you and your ministry daily. Keep up the great work you do and with your blog. It is one of my favs. I hope you and your family have a wonderful week. God bless you brother and all the aspects of your life in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.