All-Church Retreat

The picture above is of Clark and Gerardo at last year's All-Church Retreat.  I'm not sure why, but it is one of my favorite pictures. You can't even see Clark's face, but seeing his little hands lifted up in praise touches me.  I almost want to question how much a little kid can praise God, but God says he's ordained their worship.  So I'll leave it at that.

I also love the connection he's making with Gerardo in the photo. I'm pretty sure his hands are lifted because that's what Gerardo is doing, not the other way around.  I guess little eyes are always on us.

And I love that Gerardo notices Clark.  Clark wasn't a distraction to Gerardo, he was a blessing.  Of course that was Gerardo's decision.  He could have been annoyed by the little mimic or he could value the opportunity to share his love for God with the little pair of eyes watching him.  

This week we are preparing for this years' retreat.  Would you mind keeping this retreat in your prayers?  In a lot of ways, it is like the picture above.  We are a part of a church that has some Gerardos... stronger Christians who want to help their younger brothers, and a ton of Clarks... babes in the faith who desperately need guidance and friendship.  

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