Kaleidoscope -- by Kim

A little while ago God gave me a picture as I was reading about living stones being built into a spiritual house. It was a glimpse of a kaleidoscope, with bright flecks of color milling around. As I pondered the thought, it contrasted another picture in my mind of a stained-glass window. The two images have similar properties; beautiful designs made up of many small parts. You can only see the color because of the light that shines through them, and the differences are beautiful. Variety is what makes up the pictures and patterns.

In the past I have thought of a church as a stained glass window that reflects the light of God. He sets the design as a master artist, and creates whatever picture He chooses. But lately I think God is pointing me to the kaleidoscope to enlarge my vision and to give my heart peace. Part of the beauty there is in the way that the pieces move. It is a fluid system, alive with activity. It’s hard to describe the picture and the relationship between each part because the pieces are always shifting. The jostling around is actually part of the wonder. Flecks and shaves of color move in and out of contact with one another in intricate designs. Some are fleeting glimpses, never to be seen exactly that way again . . . even if you keep spinning and trying to get it to do what it has done before.

Our ministry is like this for sure, but I think life is this way. It is hard to describe exactly what is going on sometimes, as in a clear picture to report. Especially in house gatherings, people move in and out of contact with each other, although some stay close together for many spins. It is nice to see that as part of the beauty of the kingdom, where God keeps the flecks in motion. When I was looking for stained-glass, I felt disappointed at not being able to see clearly. But maybe I will be able to enjoy this ride. (And I like bumping into you guys.)

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Brenda said...

wow! I love this! Thanks for the awesome visual!