August 26

Hola everybody! It already seems like a long time since we’ve seen you. We are settling in here, slowly but surely. The weirdness of having been gone is starting to be replaced by a sense of normal. But we are still looking at things with really fresh eyes, the way that you do before you become comfortable in a new place.

Starting Over
This summer has been very productive. We’ve moved in and unpacked. We’ve reconnected with old friends and have begun to begin again. Schedules are taking shape and life is filling back up. This week the kids returned to school (3rd Kinder and 3rd Grade). Please continue to pray for our ongoing adjustment, especially as the kids try to return to the world of Spanish. Quincy seems to have picked up right where he left off but the twins have been a bit more hesitant. We know that after a couple of days of Kindergarten it will be as if they never left. Still, jumping back in isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Thanks for remembering our kids in your prayers.

Our New Neighborhood
We are renting a house from one of the Christian sisters, and her family lives just across the street. We are thankful that we get to be here. There is a lot of space, (even a yard!!!!) and we enjoy getting to be a part of their community. The socioeconomic level of the people in this neighborhood is lower than where we lived before and the feel is a lot different. There are people out walking and lots of activity on the street. There are some pluses and minuses connected with the change, but overall it seems like a great place to be living. The picture to the side, taken from our roof, is actually of the houses across the street.

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