God Provides

Tragedy was narrowly averted when our teammates’ van was struck by a drunk driver. Gerardo and Carola, as well as their two children and a couple of other passengers were able to walk away from the accident. Their van wasn’t so lucky.

For some time, they’ve needed a new vehicle anyway. But what to do now? There just wasn’t support enough to go around. We shared their need with a few who we thought might be able to help and sure enough, God provided. A couple in Illinois has offered a 2001 van to the Garcia family. (For them to bring a car across the border, the vehicle needs to be 10 years old. Perfect!) But where would they get the money to get the vehicle back down to Guadalajara? Another who heard of their need but didn’t have a van to offer, donated $2,000 towards the effort. He had no idea that the Garcias needed that exact amount to travel to the vehicle, drive it to the border, have it legalized, and continue on to Guadalajara.


Timbra said...

amazing isn't it? this is where our faith lies in our ability to get to CA :) We know that the same God who can provide a car, can provide what we need. Remember that cliche about not praying for a "shiny new red sports car?". . .

tim rush said...

Are we not supposed to pray for shiny red cars? (I've been praying for a shiny new red 4-door jeep. I'm looking at you Amanda Sanders!)

I don't know who wouldn't jump at the chance to support you and Mike and what you'll be doing in CA. You guys will be doing what everyone thinks the church needs more of!