Recent Baptisms

Two of the house churches have experienced
new growth recently, which has been a great
encouragement to all the believers among us. On different days Violeta (not pictured) and Fito were baptized. Violeta is a nutritionist and a co-worker of the Garcias in the Diabetic Foundation. She is the first person to come to Christ through the foundation and they feel like this is a first fruit after much labor. Their daughter, Melanie, just celebrated 5 years of living with diabetes. Most of you know that they started the only
diabetic foundation for children in Mexico after equipping themselves to help her adjust and manage the disease. They now share the love of Christ with other families experiencing this specific crisis.

Fito is a teenager who lives here in Mariano Otero and has been a part of the youth group for the last few years. He has grown up among us, although his parents are not Christians, so for many it was like seeing a nephew giving his life toChrist.

His parents have been a bit anxious about his baptism and almost didn’t come. Until the last minute, they did not think they were coming... until they decided to test God and his support for Fito’s decision. They had lost a large sum of money, searched everywhere for it and had laid it before God in a challenge. Just before our worship began, they came, saying that the money had appeared on the dining room floor. At one point his mom, Socorro, (pictured below) explained that she felt very humbled by God and was thankful that God made sure they did not miss that important day.

Socorro and Mario, Fito's parents, were encouraged by Manuela, who told them about her own son's baptism before she was a believer. Manuela had also worried about the choice her sone was making. She has been a christian for almost 3 years now.

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