Baseball Season!

Today we had our second baseball practice! The team, it turns out, has been practicing since August. Cory Burns found out about the team two weeks ago so Josiah and Quincy have practiced with them today and last Thursday. We're not sure if they'll get to play in the games or not.

We're really not even sure how many more times they'll attend practice. It is a blast, but they are behind the rest of the kids and don't have the attention span. The practices last for over 2 and 1/2 hours. The boys have a blast... for about an hour and a half. I think we'll keep going back as long as the boys want to, but will try not to push them for our entertainment. (And it is entertainment!)

It's hard to make out the ball, but Quincy is connecting in this photo.

Josiah takes off for first after hitting the ball.

One of the funnest things is coming home and re-living the day. Q and I sit down at the table to eat and he tells me about all the great things he did. (As if I weren't there to see them.) So far, the real highlight has been getting hit in the face by grounders and not crying. Happens more than you'd think.

He didn't exactly catch it, but notice how he stays in front of the ball. We all know he didn't learn that from his dad.

Quincy's not exactly the biggest kid on the team... but he's looking good!


The Harris Family said...

You go Quincy! The Rush family must be proud, especially grandpa Terry. What was the name of his team?

I remember when I lived in Honduras I was on a PeeWee league (spelling?). We were "Los Panteras." Black and yellow uniforms. I can relate to Quincy... I loved the uniform. It is good that you sit down and talk to him about it. Remind him how good a time this is in his life with his family. I don't remember my dad being at the games and practices, although I'm sure he was.

You are a good dad Tim. It is cool, and weird having a kid and being the dad isn't it?

See you in less than two weeks!


Shawn said...

I love baseball season. It is so fun to work with kids that love the game as well. Tell Q I said that he looks way better in that Pujols jersey than Pujols does. In fact, Pujols should be wearing a jersey that says "Q" on the back. I look forward to seeing you in T-town. Shawn

tim rush said...

J, The team is the Reds. (Boo, but at least they have good colors and Q fits in since all he has is the Cardinal jersey.)

Shawn, you are so right, perhaps I'll send a Q jersey to Pujols. I know he'd love it.

Thinking about golfing with you... I made one of my greatest Spanish mistakes this last week talking about golf. I said in Spanish, "I was golfing" instead of "I was playing golf". BIG difference! The way my friend kept laughing, I knew I hand't just said the wrong thing, I'd said something WRONG. The actual translation was, "I was out looking for hookers". (Does that remind you of another T Rush golf story?) I think my friend is still laughing somewhere.

Sarah said...

Those are great pictures! I know you're proud!

Anonymous said...

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