Quote of the Day

"The only statistic I can ever remember is that if all the people who go to sleep in church were laid end to end they would be a lot more comfortable."

Attributed to Queen Victoria, taken from The Shaping of Things to Come by Frost and Hirsch


Shellie said...

Hey Tim-Tim!! I saw your blog on Angie's page! Your family is so beautiful. I feel like I am looking at a little Tim! It is good to know that you are doing so well in Mexico. Do you need someone to tape American Idol and then send it to you? I am a faithful fan! Well, just wanted to say "hi."

Praying for the mission,

Shellie (Hale) Carriker

tim rush said...

The Shellie Hale from craddle role? I saw you at Angie's and wondered.

Su said...

Hee! If I fell asleep during church, I am afraid I would topple over the side of the balcony, thus landing on whoever is seated below us-- and I shudder to think what injuries I would inflict upon myself. And how many classes/sermons/whatever would be inspired by me.

Shellie said...

Yeah, it's me! I was doing a search engine for a topic and Angie Burns page came up. That is how I ended up in her blog page. I am not much of a blogger so the whole blogging world is new to me. However, my husband(who is in the computer business) would hope that I was more equipped! We have a Mac so you can imagine the stuff I have to learn just to keep up with the brainy world! Anyway, I saw your blog name and thought I would jump over here and give a shout out. I am in Houston. It looks like things are well with you and your family. You know I still pray on Wednesdays at lunch for the missionaries and God knows who they are and where.

It was good to see your page! Have a good one!

Shellie (from craddle roll & aim)

Lisa said...

Ah, Susan! I love the way your mind works! Tim, I love that quote! Truer words . . . they have been spoken, but aren't necessarily that fun.

Terry Rush said...

In one of my more "famous" preaching moments I called for the construction of bunk-pews so we could get more people to attend.

When, oh when, will I learn to stay away from that stuff?

Kim (Kiker) Nunes said...

hey it's the infamous rushes! i have been thinking about you guys for forever!

how are you? you have a beautiful family! i have a 13 month old baby girl, Jenna. she is a riot.

i would love to catch up with you guys. email me :) akjnunes@hotmail.com