Blood Diamonds

Has anyone seen this movie? Very intense. Too much violence. But the violence is different when you get the feeling the story is truer than you might have imagined. Thus, how true is it? Someone in Tulsa ask our Africa-expert Clint what he knows.

If you haven’t seen it, I’d suggest you go right now.
For those that might not know, Dennis Wilson left today for Cozumel, Mexico. He and Theresa and family are moving there to take over a children’s home. He will spend the month of March in a complete emersion language school. Theresa and kids will arrive after the school year ends. Please keep this wonderful family in your prayers.
Quincy keeps asking us when baseball season is going to start. I was pretty proud of that until I realized his true motive for asking. We turned off our cable after the World Series and do not have plans to start it again until baseball season starts. He must have put two and two together and he really misses Discovery Kids.

I’m missing American Idol and Law and Order myself.


The Gearharts said...

Our neighbor here (Claudia) down loaded HEROES from the internet. She let us borrow them. It is in English but it has Spanish subtitles. We would put the kids to bed and watch 2(3) a night. We got hooked. We don't have cable either. We have not seen blood diamond. I really am not up for killer sad reality. Did Kim like it?
Amy G

tim rush said...

Not long into the movie I leaned over to Cory and said, "Sure am glad we didn't bring Kim and Toni for a date night." It was too much. But after, I wished Kim had seen it. It is one that you might not enjoy, but will still like it. Make sense?

Angie said...

I had intended to watch Blood Diamond w/some friends for New Year's but our plans changed... I still really wanna see it. So I'm glad to hear it piqued your interest.

GREAT NEWS about Dennis and Theresa's plans. Just earlier today I was reading an article in the Christian Chronicle about the trend of 'Boomers' leaving life as they know it for the mission field. One of the couples they highlighted was Gary and Nancy Gardner who are working at that orphanage in Cozumel. Incredible work with an incredible witness for Christ...

Thanks for the updates, Tim!

Clint said...

Hey Tim!

I received a heads up on your blog. Baseball season is definitely close! Can't wait.

Still haven't seen Blood Diamonds. Have wanted to but only the extreme select few quality movies, like Cars, warrants a trip to the movie theater for our family. I'll be excited for it to hit DVD in a few weeks and watch it then.

So, can't really answer your question, but I can say that nothing will surprise me. Have seen and visited with people in Rwanda after the genocide, northern Uganda where child soldiers and child sex slaves are common place, etc. I've been to the Congo border but didn't cross just because of all the ongoing violence - much of it surrounds minerals. So, I would guess that it is mostly true and I expect it to be a movie based on true events like Hotel Rwanda and like you described earlier, a movie you might not enjoy but you will still like it and be glad to understand what's going on in the world.

Hope to see you in a few weeks!

tim rush said...

Hey Clint, if you happen to come back this way... are you still in the coffee business to help support the Church in Africa? If so, please use my blog to plug the coffee. Tell everyone what it supports, how it works and how they can buy it. I know we have a lot of coffee drinkers here.

The Harris Family said...

Mmmmm... Coffee... (Homer voice)... We love coffee. Let us know what kind you have. We'd love to try and help out.

We haven't seen Blood Diamonds. We're with Clint on the type of movies that rate a trip to the theatre. We don't get out much that way. It is a miracle that we're even going to Tulsa. Good news BTW - I got my time off from work approved! That is good because I bought the non-refundable plane tickets before I had approval for time off from work. It could have been very bad.

GEARHARTS-we love Heroes. If you have a somewhat fast internet connection you can watch it on the internet. Just go to http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/ then click on "watch the latest episode online." We don't have cable, but we have internet. Love it. I hear this week's episode is intense and the next new episode isn't until April 28!!

Can't wait to see everyone that will be at Aim-A-Palooza!

J & M

Su said...

We had free cable until we moved (4 months ago), but I'm thinking we'll have to get it for the Tour de France and Wimbledon. So much for baseball.