Sensational Journalism

Is it just me or are others bugged with the sensational journalism that seems to enjoy whichever current tragedy or massacre?

I heard CNN teasing a later story this morning by saying, and this is not a lie, “Would the Virginia Tech tragedy have been avoided if students were allowed to carry fire arms?” And then something along the lines of following up this “debate” from the state where it is allowed.

People! Is this really a “debate”? And, please don’t let that state be Oklahoma.


The Gearharts said...

It makes me sad what people do for ratings. It is sad that the twisted is so visible, and kind, humble acts are so not.
Amy G

Dusty Rush said...

Now I feel a little bit guilty about my announcement at the end of this weeks sermon: "Next week we'll hear Deacon Dave explain why he felt we only needed two handicpped parking spots! If you want to weigh in on this issue, go to our church website and click our online poll! Also next week, the youth minister's charitable donations have been leaked to the public. You won't believe what he gave - or should I say, did not give - last year!"

Do you think I was being too sensational? Over the top?

Su said...

A few more announcements like that and CNN may hire you without an interview! :)

I was so annoyed at the tactless, disrespectful, utterly reprehensible coverage of the VT shooting that I wrote an angry e-mail to one of the networks. Not that I expect any actual changes, you understand, but I couldn't just sit there.

Perhaps I might have gotten more results if I had actually used the word "reprehensible".

Terry Rush said...

All the more reason we as a church MUST rise up with the powerful light of Christ and give the world something meaningful to discuss.

(I think your brother made his remarks up!)

Heather said...

Not to be the voice of controversy...but admitting my own turn around on the opportunity that lies in the discussion...

My hubby shared some interesting statistics that came from that very discussion. (Re: a city that banned firearms, and a neighboring city the required every house to own and firearm, and the crime & murder statistics that have resulted over the last 20 years since those laws.)

I thought it ridiculous when he started the conversation...and to be honest I hate politics (and talk radio). But it led to an intersting spiritual discussion that I think the world and church grapples with through such stories.... how do we get people to want to behave... through fear or through law?

Ironically - the church asks these questions too - though they take different forms. God answers them for us - through fear, and law, and ultimately, Jesus. Such questions indicate the world's struggle and may be one more catalyst that help us connect people to God's answer....

tim rush said...

All right, now I want to know the statistics!

Heather said...

I was afraid you were going to ask! The conversation's over a week old, and I can't remember all he told me, but the jist of it concerned a city (I want to say Alabama-ish - but not sure on that) which banned firearms. A neighboring city, in response, issued an ordinance requiring each household to own at least one firearm. After 20 years, the city requiring firearms had only had either one or no murders, and the neighboring city who had banned firearms had well over the national average for crimes and murders.
Again- not jumping into the debate, - it just naturally led us to discuss the likelihood of criminals to attack based on what they might encounter. (i.e. assurance of no guns = easier target,) and what elements (or combinations of elements) are most effective to deter that... law, fear, or grace? Lots of deep discussion embedded there.
Doubt it will be covered to that depth on the news though...:-)

Heather said...

Woo Hoo for my inaccurate reporting! Sorry - it was a town in Mo, requiring the ban, and one in Kennesaw, GA requiring every home to contain at least one gun. In the last 16 years, the Kennesaw town only had 3 murders - 2 w/ knives, 1 w/ firearm. Yada yada yada.... you can always count on me to have my facts straight... and to draw out the conversation far beyond what either you or I wanted... :-) Sorry!

The Gearharts said...

Heather I liked your comments thank you. All of them:)
Amy G

The Harris Family said...

The funny thing is that we sometimes think networks are or should actually be responsible for responsibility's sake. They are a business. They exist to make money for their shareholders. They are paid based on ratings. Therefore if sensationalism generates ratings then they will do it, responsible or not. That may be a bleak view of the world, but it is reality. Why should we expect a secular organization to be held to any higher standard?

This brings up a good discussion of activism and whether or not Christians should be involved. Sounds like something good that ANGIE would post.

I love Heather's comments. Of course, I'm a gun owner.

There is a clear distinction between the kingdom of men and the kingdom of God. Our government has to legislate proper conduct by use of consequence and punishment because government does not offer any higher moral goal or motivation. Government doesn't offer heaven. Government doesn't offer itself as the moral example to follow.

Christ and God, on the other hand, do. There is a greater motivation and that is Love. There is something eternal offered, and that is Heaven. Christ offers up himself as the example to follow in how we treat others. There is a higher moral purpose.

The change that we are to affect is one on one. If we fix all the ills of corporate America, but don't bring one person to Christ, then what is the point? I'm not saying this is an "either/or" issue. We can do both, but remembering that our citizenship is in heaven.

Ok, you can tell it has been a while since I've blogged 'cause I've rambled. Love you guys.


Sarah said...

I am disturbed by the ticker at the bottom of the screen. I remember one time I was distracted by a ticker that stated that Beyonce no longer wanted to be referred to as "bootylicious".

tim rush said...

That's so weird cause it's taken me 8 years to get Kim to START calling me bootylicious.

Is there a way I can get that on a ticker?