Baseball Picks Anyone?

What's wrong with me? 3 posts in 2 days?

But the games are about to start. Oops, I just checked and the Rhillies and Rockies are in the 2nd inning. Oh well.

Phillies vs. Rockies
Cubs vs. D-Backs
Red Sox vs. Angels
Yankees vs. Indians

Who've you got?

I'm saying it will be Red Sox over Yankees and Phillies over Cubs, with the Red Sox winning it all.

Heroes? Goats? Bartmans?


preacherman said...

Yankees and Angels.

Paul said...

Anyone vs the Angels so I can try to go to a home game!

Dusty Rush said...

I don't deserve to predict since I only got two teams right in my pre-season picks. I'm like the Cards - won it all last year; loser this year. What was I thinking? Giambi for MVP? I've clearly got the "Terry Rush pick the no chance underdog" in me!

Craig said...

To me it really doesn't matter who wins it, as long as it's not the Cubbies! Obviously, part of me wants to see them get swept in the first round, but another part wants them to get a little taste of The Series and then to see them "Bartman it" at the end!
Cards are still the reigning champs!!! I'm holding on until the last drop.

Sarah said...

Glad to hear you met my aunt and uncle. They are fun people!

BTW, I have finally updated my blog.

Matthew said...

Sad to see the Yanks lose.