Ode to the Q

Feats of Strength.

I thought I'd post a few recent pictures of Quincy. He turned six in August and is in the first grade.
Best buds. This is Cooper Pruett the youngest son of Joe and Elaine. All three of their kids are giants.

Festavis for the rest of us! The Q and I about to have some birthday cake.

Why we love our tortillas!


Anonymous said...

Festavis is my favorite holiday...and Q is my favorite letter. So I guess that makes you guys my favorite people...at least for today.

James K said...

Two of our ladies at work still talk about Q, even though they haven't seen him since March 06!(cough, cough). They loved visiting with him in Spanish, and how much he appreciated his quesadillas and cheese-on-a-stick. (Now THAT'S how you get the dairy in!)

He's a great little guy...with awesome parents. Have a good one!

J.T. said...

Good Morning Mr. Rush,
You probably thought I was MIA. Just found your BLOG and thought I would drop a line to say hello. E-mail me if you find the time at:

I think about all of you often and pray for you even more!!

Love, J.T.