Jesus came looking for me

Well, it was actually Jesús, Lupe’s brother. (Lupe is Omar’s wife… we probably need a score card, don’t we?) We’ve been praying about open doors into Lupe’s family and have only met them on a few occasions. Jesús has been by their house a couple of times. He’s rather soft spoken, but we’ve tried to be kind and let him know we’re interested in him. Though we’ve only spoken a few times, he came by Omar and Lupe’s house on Sunday looking for me. (I was in Dallas at the time.) Thus, I’m curious as to why he came by and am asking for you to be praying about Jesús. He could be coming by to ask for money or help with paper work. But we’re hoping it has something to do with Jesús looking for Jesus.

Would you mind praying that this has to do with Jesus and not something to do with me being a gringo? Thanks.

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