August 28, 2010

Spiritual Seasons
Over the past month we have been visiting the existing churches to evaluate where they are and what direction we might take in helping them along on their journeys. Many right now are experiencing the growing pains of maturing in Christ and are frustrated by this. Relating the phases to the seasons of the year, it seems like a spiritual winter for many. No doubt the recent transitions (including our absence during the last year) have influenced these feelings. Not everyone is headed this way, but there is a large camp that wants to hunker down and huddle together to conserve heat and energy. We pray that the void they feel now will take them closer to God. At times it is discouraging for us as well, but we are hopeful that (just as the seasons change) God will bring them into the fun of spring and summer. Right now we think it is important that they understand that seasons come and go naturally, and that there is good that takes place in every season.

Prayers for Patience and Wisdom
In your prayers for us we especially ask for patience and wisdom. Although we have lived here before, today is new. Coming into this “second term” as missionaries we are aware of the blessing and curse of our past experience. Our goal is to empower disciples here to live deeply in God and in community with each other. More than ever we feel convicted that we cannot be the foundation that any group is built around. We want to encourage and teach without fostering dependence upon ourselves and our presence, modeling lives sustained by Jesus. Easier said than done? Definitely. We are trying to pray over each step we take and allow God to set our direction. We would love for you to share your prayers with us.

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Best wishes to the missions minded family!