Go Retro in 07

I don't know about you, but I usually get excited about seeing a movie re-make of an old t.v. show. Some end up being good, others... not so much.

But why haven't they re-made Gilligan's Island or CHiPs?

In traffic today I was pondering such deep questions as these and even came up with an interesting cast for Gilligan's Island. Why not use the cast from That 70's Show? Kelso as Gilligan, the girls as Mary Anne and Ginger, the mom and dad as Mr. and Mrs. Howell. The son, (Eric, I think) as the Professor, and the red haired girl's dad as the Skipper.

I'm really surprised no one is doing Gilligan yet. With the success of Survivor and Lost, you'd think you could make G. a bit more edgy and it would score big time... though perhaps not with my cast.

And who wouldn't pay to see a spoof of CHiPs?

And while we're at it, how about Ron Howard re-doing The Andy Griffith Show or Happy Days?

I've heard Tom Hanks has been approached about another Bossom Buddies but he wouldn't do it without his original cast-mate. And I wasn't a big fan of Three's Company, but I'm thinking it would sell. Love Boat anyone?

Other ideas? Who would you cast as the lead?

One more idea, why not go ahead and spoof a curent show... like CSI? Or does CSI Miami qualify?


Dusty said...

Tim, as I was reading your blog last night there was a commercial on TV about the remake of Miami Vice. It looked really dumb.

I was all excited when they did BeWitched. But it was pretty sorry too.

I think a comical remake of The Waltons could be pretty funny. David Spade as John Boy!

Terry Rush said...

What about David Eckstein as John-Boy?

tim rush said...

never thought about the Waltons. That would be sweet!

greg622 said...

deep thoughts by tim rush...loved the blog. things you start thinking of in traffic. loved your ideas. you need to go to hollywood, man.

Anonymous said...

I heard something about a Magnum PI remake. If that is true, it is just plain wrong!

tim rush said...

Is this THE GREG? CIA Greg? Mexico Conection Greg? about Hollywood... Jeremy and I are working on a movie. No re-make, but will be a hit, I'm sure.

Sarah, I was never a Magnum P.I. fan. I tried, but always got bored. But in the spirit of all things retro, I'm for it.