Vivan las Chivas! (Long live the Goats!)

The Guadalajara Chivas won Mexico's version of the Super Bowl yesterday afternoon. The Chivas are the pride of Mexican Soccer once again. (So weird though... I could have sworn I saw my dad and brother sitting on the 4th row.)

The Chivas are one of the more popular teams as they have a special place in Mexican pride. They have a tradition that no foreigner is allowed to play for the Chivas. Thus, Quincy will never play for them though Clark could one day. (I'm not being sexist towards Karsyn. It's just that their team colors are not pink. She is already opinionated about that.)

Can you imagine a team in the states signing players based on their race?

In other news... I got to see the Cowboy game last night. Ouch!


Dusty said...

Didnt' you see us at the Cowgirls game? We were on the 5th row - couldn't quite score the sweet seats! Of course, we were sitting with the Saints fans.

Terry Rush said...

I know I had a good time

tim rush said...

Dust and Dad, hope we get to continue this at Christmas... but the game starts at 4!