Happy Christmas

What a fun Christmas! We spent 10 fun-filled days in Tulsa with family and friends. We couldn't have asked for a better trip. Santa was good to all and so was mom's cooking. She just kept finding more and more cookies in the freezer. Don't know how she does it.

Quincy had his first trip to the dentist. That is now his favorite place to go in Tulsa... seriously.

Papa Terry gave tractor rides. And the cousins (all 9 of them) played together beautifully. Speaking of the 9, each time we talk about the cousins we think of baby Ana. Check out my brother-in-law's blog remembering her. http://chrischapel.blogspot.com/ He makes a point that is important to remember during the holidays.

The 10 crazy days were much fuller than we expected. We couldn't fit it all in... though we gave it a great effort. From late night and early morning coffee with friends to PF Chang with enemies. (Ok, the Mayes aren't enemies, but Shawn is a Cubs fan.)

On another note... how about them Red Raiders! For once, we set a record that is good and has nothing to do with Bobby Night. The largest comeback in bowl history. You can read all about it at:


Angie said...

Glad to know you and the fam had safe travels and are now back home in Mexico!

Anonymous said...

Tim ... Glad we made contact. Glad to read that your family is well and all had a great Christmas. Looks like we'll be coming to Mexico this summer again. Looking forward to seeing James & Erin and all the Mexican brothers and sisters. Tell all we said hello...



tim rush said...

Hey Ang, so fun to be able to check out your party now that we're home. I missed a lot.

Can't wait to see you in Tulsa!

Trey, thanks for the connection. Just heard from Bruce this morning. Wow!

Enjoy Mexico.

Sarah said...

Glad to have you back in blogger world! I've missed you! It sounds like you guys had a great trip. I got to spend New Years with Ryan and Amanda Gray, and the Wiggingtons. Good fun!

tim rush said...


so good to hear from you. Don't we know so cool people?

I've been able to touch base with a few x-aimers in the last few days and it is too fun. God has blessed our past. Hope he blesses our future too.