Go Cowboys!

How about that game. I actually got to see most of it today... except for my brief nap to start the 3rd quarter. How fun. So, do you think Romo is for real? I would love to see the game in English and hear what Troy Aikman et. all are saying about him.

Most are sick in our home. Clark and I are almost over it. Karsyn is in the middle of it. And Kim is just getting started. So far, Quincy's the only one spared.

I don't know about your house, but ours goes on like normal until Kim gets sick. Then it is as if the fabric of society has torn in two.

The pictures above were taken almost a year and a half ago when all were sick.


Anonymous said...

Being sick stinks! Hope you are all feeling better soon!!!

tim rush said...

Hey Sarah, things are getting a little better here. Karsyn is on the mend and Kim seems to be fighting off the bad stuff. Keep um in your prayers please.

Looking forward to reading about your 87 days! Later.

Rick said...

A friend once told me that the only thing worse than being sick yourself is having a sick wife. I believe there is much wisdom in that thought.

tim rush said...

Rick, your friend was right. The house just seems gloomy when Kim doesn't feel well.

Chapel said...


Can't wait to watch the Boys with you on Christmas Day. Where your TO jersey!