They’re Coming Out!

For years, everyone, but my doctor has agreed, they’ve got to come out. They are huge and do not belong there. (I’m talking about my tonsils here.) Each doctor says, “Oh, let’s try this or that thing and watch them for a while first.” Of course, that’s what the doctor in Lubbock said before I moved to Amherst. The doctor in Amherst said it before moving to Guadalajara and the doctor here said the same thing before I changed doctors. Of course the new doctor said the same thing. But all that has changed now! (Even when I was a little guy, I remember my dentist asking my dad and my dad asking our family doctor, “Are you sure those things shouldn’t be pulled out?)

The weird thing is they’re coming out at a time that I don’t FEEL sick. I am sick… or my tonsils are anyway. I’d love to go into detail, but it would only be fun to do so if we were sitting across the table from each other and I could see the look on your face.

Anywho, Friday’s the big day! You might want to keep my wife and kids in your prayers as the recovery time for an adult is quite a bit longer than the recovery time for a child. I’m not certain which way it goes for an immature adult, but we’ll find out.


Heather Winter said...

We'll say a little prayer for you. (I sung that) Hope all goes well for you Tim!

The Gearharts said...

Oh lourdy lourdy lourdy please please please be with awa sweet sweet sista little Kimmy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim, I learned of your blog through Sarah's and every since I have started reading it, I have become quite addicted to your humorous spin to all things. It has truly been an opportunity to laugh much more and take myself much less seriously.

HOWEVER, on a true serious note here...my husband got his tonsils removed as an adult. Our brief synopsis goes as follows--each tonsils was the size of a golf ball (or so the doctor said; I wasn't about to ask to see them). But they were so filled with infection that every time my husband got the slightest sniffle, strep throat quickly followed. Not to mention that he snored. He had them removed at age 27. It was rough, but it would have probably gone much smoother had he not tried so hard to over do it. SO...when you come home, the next day you may wake up and feel pretty good--it's the anesthesia. I PROMISE! Don't over do it in the first few days or you (and your wife) will be paying for it the following week after. I pray all goes well with your surgery and recovery.
Elaine Santos

Terry Rush said...

Hurray for Timmy!

Finally someone will get those things out of there! You'll have so much more room for food to go in and other stuff to run out....well, never mind!

We've wanted to get you a tonsilectomy for your birthday for the last couple of years, but didn't know how that would work with UPS or FedEx, etc.

We are happy for you. Let me know if it improves your singing!

Love ya!