Cline Paden

I just read a friend’s blog on the funeral of Cline Paden. For some time now I’ve wanted to visit with someone who attended the funeral to find out if it did him justice. Of course, how could a couple of hours of anything do justice to a man like Cline. However, my friend and teacher, walked away renewed and inspired. Sounds like he spent time with Cline.

This got me thinking about a speech I had to give at Texas Tech almost 10 years ago. The assignment was to interview someone and then give a speech on the topic of the interview. I chose Cline, though I really didn’t know what the topic would be. It didn’t matter, Cline did.

I just sat in awe as he told me his story; about his desire to do mission work. He told me about his sadness when he realized God didn’t share that vision for his life. Instead, he learned, God wanted him to help train other missionaries.

The interview probably lasted an hour and a half. In the end, I might have asked two questions. But we had a theme: The Power of One. I told my class at Tech about the power of one person stepping out in faith, doing what they believe is right. When I took my seat after my 10 minute speech, I overheard two of the cool kids in class saying to each other, “Man, I really need to do something with my life.” Ha. Cline wasn’t even in the room, and he was inspiring college kids to reach for something higher than themselves.


Terry Rush said...

Cline had that gift of speaking and acting upon the chords he heard coming from the heartstrings of God. I will always be blest, day after day, because I got to be around such a deep and witty friend to His kingdom.

Su said...

The funeral was very nice, but no, it didn't do him justice by a long shot. Someone toward the end (Nat Cooper, maybe?) said we could spend hours sharing Cline stories, and I really wished they would! But time does constrain us.

So sorry you weren't able to be here in person.

Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

this really made me think about our past year. . . . i mean, it was profound enough to make me do a quick reflection on the confusing place we are in our lives right now and realize that we really wanted to do mission work in a foreign place, but apparently that wasn't the plan. i guess i should stop looking back being disappointed and look forward to what the plan really is. . . thanks tim!