on hold

Well, the surgery isn’t cancelled but it has been delayed. When I said I wasn’t sick; that was wishful thinking. I felt at the time that I might be coming down with the colds the kids are sharing. It’s now official: I'm sick. But, we’ve rescheduled for Tuesday which gives us a little more time to get prepared.


Dusty Rush said...

Hey Tim,

What are you gonna do with those tonsils when you're done?

Kim said...

He's mentioned paper weight and a friend suggested hanging them from the rear-view instead of fuzzy dice. How about that?

Terry Rush said...


So July 3rd they go? It could be you are sick now because they have been in so long they've become germ magnets.

What will you do with them? You could wear them as fangs at Halloween. Or, I could maybe make two night lights out of em....blinking. Another idea. Who's name do you have for Christmas? Door stops or golf tees.

Another possibility is take them to that restaurant we went to the first year and sell them as fish....octopus. Or, maybe Chadd would like to bar-b-que them on the grill.

Whatever you do, don't throw them away. I'm sure they're useful for something really neat!

Love ya!

The Harris Family said...

What a coincidence... We just had a doctor's appointment with the ENT dr. for Cora. They are comin' out on her as well! We have a pre-op consult on Monday and the surgery is scheduled for July 10.

AAAHHHH... Tonsillectomies are in the air this summer aren't they?

I remember when I had mine out. Dad was at Sunset at the time (I think). We stayed at someone's house in Yukon (Next to OKC). I remember they let us take them home in a jar. I think we ended up forgetting them in that family's kitchen pantry. Imagine the surprise... "what do you want for dinner honey?" he says... "oh, just anything from the pantry will be fine..." she says... "ok I'll look.. AAAARRRGGG HOLY MOTHER OF ALL THAT'S GOOD! Come here and look what the preaching student's family forgot in our pantry!"

Gotta love life.


tim rush said...

the sad part is there will be no icecream for me. I've got this horrible allergy that involves (among other things) lots of sneezing. I can't imagine that being good for anyone.

Terry Rush said...

I've got it! I know what to do with 'em! Make them into a pair of earrings for Kim for your wedding anniversary. It's would be a sacrificial gift from somewhere fairly near your heart.

DJT said...


Sorry to hear about you being sick.

I have been out of touch with blogland for quite a while. I have been busy at work. I know it is no excuse. Sorry.

Besides the sickness, how are things going?

I also stopped by to say you have been tagged. If you want, see my blog for the "rules".

Su said...

That's what you get for teaching your kids to share.

The Gearharts said...

Well tomorrow is the big day (maybe?) We have prayer group tomorrow and we will be praying for you, and Kim.

Kim said...

Thanks everyone for your prayers. Tim is out of surgery and in pain, but he no longer has tonsils! And he is still able to joke a little, so he is not doing badly at all. Our friends the Schroeders are watching our kids for us, and we were joking this morning about this being like a little vacation. Tim is out of the vacation mode now that the reality of surgery is bothering him, but I still feel like a free-wheeler. He is sleeping a lot and I am really enjoying my book.

Anyway, please pray for him to get better soon and for a great change in his future health. Thanks. Kim

The Gearharts said...

Tim and Kim we are so glad you are doing alright. We are sending love and prayers.

The Gearharts said...

Tim... I think you should put your tonsils on e-bay!!! Seriously imagine the stories you could tell later. That is my vote and if the buyer is jeffthegearhead... you'll get a pretty peso for them.

Much love to you and your family... Did you say Uruapan.. They have icies hehe.

Jeff G.

Kim said...

I so wish that we could meet you guys in Urapan, but I am pretty sure we will have to pass. Tim is supposed to be on bed-rest for 10 days and not talk. I think he is secretly loving both.

Does that seem like the dr was over exaggerating it thinking that he would only sort-of comply? How long was your husband supposed to be resting, Elaine?

Anyway, he is doing almost no cheating. He is really do well but today more uncomfortable. Hoping that tomorrow his throat will be hurting less. Kim

elaine santos said...

So glad to hear that Tim is not cheating! Chris was supposed to also rest for 10 days. And even after that, when he went back to work that first day he came home with a very sore throat from having talked so much. Day three was the hardest and it lightened up around day 6. BUT...MY husband was craving hot sauce so much that he JUST HAD to have just one bite. We learned that, even though it is small, getting a jalapeno seed stuck in your stitches kind of sets back any progress you have previously made.

tim rush said...

So weird cause I've been craving chips and salsa... and pizza, and steak, and everything else. I'm so hungry!

I feel great just after I take my meds. Then a few hours before I can take them again I think I might die.

Kim's a trooper, taking good care of us 4 kiddies.

Su said...

No talking for 10 days? I don't think I know anyone who could manage that. In other words, I am impressed!

The Harris Family said...

Cora's came out yesterday! She had an overnight stay at the hospital and Michelle stayed with her. We'll go pick them up today after noon some time. I talked to Cora last night and this morning. She can only talk for a bit and then has to stop.

We're praying for you Kim... And you to Tim.

Love you guys.


Mark said...

Hope all is going well!

Sarah said...

Hope you all are feeling better soon!

Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

tim, have you had your surgery now? is that why all the silencio? i'm jonesin' for another rush file.
oh, and hello rush family, we love you!

Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

okay, two in a row, obviously. . . did not read other comments before writing my own, so. . . first off, tim, your family (and friends, present company excluded) are disgusting, ebay, bbq (jason harris and leaving it in some poor host family's pantry). . you should all be ashamed of yourselves. i had strep five times in a row (back to back) when i was in kindergarten, the doc threatened to take my tonsils should number six occur. .. scared away the strep for like eight years!!!! NICE! Hope you're feeling back to your old self very soon!


Dude ... hope things are going well. You better get well quick. You've got an awesome "Alaska" group coming your way soon. We've had a GREAT time with them in Mexico City.