All-Churches Retreat

One of our yearly highlights is the all-churches retreat in late February.

This year there were over 80 that came for fun and fellowship. Six of us prepared lessons on the different roles Jesus plays in our life, i.e. Friend, Teacher, Priest, Sacrifice.

Following each lesson there was a time dedicated to the practice of different spiritual disciplines. My (Tim’s) personal favorites were the classes taught by José Luis and Omar on Jesus is my Savior and Jesus is my Lord. It was great to see these young Christians give themselves to study so that they could share why they love Jesus. They were a bit nervous before beginning to speak, but as they moved into their lessons, their love for Jesus and for their audience was obvious. Though we spent a lot of time in the different classes, there were still plenty of opportunities to visit, play and relax. We all took turns cooking and cleaning, which were fun tasks when shared by everyone.

The boys and I set up the tent and had fun freezing to death in our sleeping bags while Karsyn was in little girl heaven as she and Kim bunked in the girl’s dorm. At times it seemed like half of those in attendance were little girls between the ages of 4 and 8.

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