Holy Spirit Study with Arturo and Laura

Last fall, I began studying the Holy Spirit on Friday nights with the church in La Nueva Santa Maria. The study was an encouragement to me as it felt like I was connecting with my “sweet spot” in ministry (baseball term). God used the time to mature, teach, encourage and draw the group closer to Him.

This last month Kim and I began the same study on Monday nights with Arturo and Laura. Arturo is one of our church leaders and his girlfriend, Laura, is a relatively new Christian. Originally I intended to go over this study with the church in Jardines del Valle, but decided instead to teach Arturo and Laura and let them, in turn, teach the church in Jardines. It has been fun for Kim and I to get to spend some extra time with this young couple. (We expect them to announce their engagement very soon!) They generally arrive at our house an hour early to spend time with us as we finish getting the kids fed and into bed. Though we love the study time, I think this extra hour will be what we look back on with the fondest memories.

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